Hi Scott,
I'm a Vancouverite who for the past 4 years has been living in Edmonton (and hating it). I'm also a technology Neanderthal. I was waiting for The Network (only $9.99) to come to Canada, but have been left disappointed. My question for you is what is the easiest way for me to get the US version of the network here? I have a flat screen and a Shaw digital box.
Please help me get my old school wrestling fix!
Much appreciated.

​First up, you need a service to make the world think you're in the US.  The one I use is Unblock-US ( ​and it'll cost you $5 a month.  This will also give you US Netflix and access to Hulu among other perks.  
Next, you'll need a Paypal account or a US credit card.  If you use Paypal, make sure it's funded by your bank account and not your Canadian credit card.  
Sign up for the Network ( using your Paypal account and a valid US address.  Most people just the WWE corporate HQ for fun, but you can literally Google an address in 2 seconds if you want something more creative.  
​Ideally you'll want something to hook up to your TV and watch the Network on.  You can go with Apple TV, Roku, or a video game system like Playstation or Xbox.  Unblock-US has instructions on how to spoof any of them into thinking you're in the US so that you can download the app.  If you just want to run it off your computer, just plug in an HDMI cable to your TV and you're good to go.  ​