Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Welcome to autumn/spring (depending on your hemisphere), or as we Floridians call it…summer.

Another rip-roaring Network special last night that featured one of the shittiest streams I’ve ever encountered on the Network. Still it wasn’t a bad show. It wasn’t great either. This is going to be a theme for these shows because there’s enough good workers for some things to work in every show.

The Good:

Sheamus-Cesaro was great. I mean the crowd wasn’t feeling them at start but you let two guys beat the crap out of each other for 12 minutes and the people were rocking. I liked the story of Cesaro throwing everything at Sheamus and the fella asking for more. It gives the program a nice building point as Cesaro will have to figure out that brute strength alone won’t win.

Stardust. I’m a fan. People are fans. Heeling them will just make them more popular.

Ambrose-Rollins brawl. It worked, Ambrose has already moved into that Daniel Bryan spot but he might be a better fit for it because he embraces the challenge. Whereas Bryan was being booked to pander to the masses from time to time, Ambrose is just walking into the storm without a raincoat and fighting everyone. These things always work.

The Bad:

The Main Event was all right but I was promised a balls-to-the-wall brawl and got a screwjob finish instead. I’m not mad about the story development, I just wanted more action from the combatants.

Divas. Don’t care

Miz as champion. Don’t mind the gimmick but wish Sandow would have gotten it instead.

The Ugly:

All this Henry-Rusev hype for that POS match? Henry is at his best when guys are bumping for him and making him look like a monster. Rusev is on the elevator to the top so he’s not going to look strong if he’s always bumping so it wasn’t a good idea from the beginning. Should have extended the Swagger program instead. People were behind it. A different finish at Summerslam and we would have something.

That’s me.

As for TV tonight:

Monday Night Football (Jets & Bears, oh my)

Season/Series Premier hysteria

Gotham, Big Bang Theory, Scorpion, Sleepy Hollow, Blacklist and my personal favorite Celebrity Name Game.

But Gotham and MNF…yeah Raw is screwed tonight.

Come out swinging… but keep it clean!