The SmarK Rant for WCW Monday Nitro–10.16.95

The SmarK Rant for WCW Monday Nitro – 10.16.95 Live from somewhere not mentioned, but it’s LIVE. Your hosts are Eric Bischoff, Bobby Heenan & Mongo I feel like we need a petition to get them to add the damn 09/25 show to the archives already.  World TV title: Diamond Dallas Page v. Johnny B. Badd Match doesn’t happen, as DDP lays him out from behind and gets disqualified. Chris Benoit v. Eddie Guerrero They fight over a wristlock and Benoit takes him down with a headscissors, but Eddie chases him out and follows with a crazy crossbody to the floor. They fight out there and Eddie accidentally punches the post in painful-looking manner, and back in for the backdrop suplex from Benoit. Hammerlock suplex and he elbows Eddie down, but Eddie comes back with a tornado DDT for two. Benoit just destroys him with chops and goes to work on the arm as there’s some really eerie commentary here. Eddie fires off a side suplex and brainbuster, but the frog splash hits knee. Benoit folds him in half with a powerbomb for two, which would be the first appearance of the MDK powerbomb. The crowd was gasping at how viciously he spiked Eddie with that one. Eddie fights back again, but Benoit finishes him with a dragon suplex at 8:45. ***1/2 Mean Gene has rumors of a top WW(bleep) official being fired, so obviously this is a re-used show from WWE 24/7 when they had to edit that letter out. Also, the person in question was Bill Watts, in case you’re wondering. And I believe his tease of a top WWF guy getting into a fight in the parking lot with a fan would have been Shawn Michaels in Syracuse. Kevin Sullivan and the Giant have words for Hulk Hogan, as apparently the whole world is talking about Hulk wearing black. Meng v. Hacksaw Jim Duggan Slugfest to start, which is won by Duggan, but Meng overcomes a bodyslam and finishes with the samoan spike at 2:00. DUD Meanwhile, Hulk Hogan is still in black and he still can’t grow his moustache back after two weeks. Also, he’s going to literally bury the Giant next to his father Andre in Detroit. But Andre’s not…and he’s not…you know what, never mind. Brian Pillman & Arn Anderson v. Ric Flair & Sting This is of course part of one of the all time greatest WCW angles, where Sting literally told Flair that he’d kill him if Flair turned on him and then Flair turned on him anyway. It’s the old scorpion proverb. Flair is forced to go alone when Sting doesn’t show up, but he still fights off the heels with chops and Pillman works his railing bump in already. The announcers actually debate whether Flair would be out there taking a beating if he was planning to turn on Sting, so we’re not the only ones wondering about that one. Back in the ring, Flair throws chops on AA and gets the figure-four, but Pillman breaks it up. Flair Flip and he actually completes it with a double axehandle on Arn, but he walks into the spinebuster as Sting finally joins us. Flair fights off Pillman and makes the hot tag as the crowd goes batshit, and Sting just destroys both guys. Pillman goes up and gets crotched on the top rope, and Arn gets dumped and counted out at 7:00. Hot match, kind of a weak finish. But this would set up the glorious rematch at Halloween Havoc. ** Next week: Sting & Luger v. Harlem Heat!