Wrestler names (again)

Hey Scott, 

Long time blah blah…

Anyway, in the comments we are always complaining about the WWE Random Name Generator and the reason is obvious – Trademark and merchandising. But the most common example is always, "Vince let CM Punk keep his name, and he's the last person who will get that treatment."

But didn't both Cody Rhodes (yeah, I know, Runnels, but does Vince own Rhodes?) and Ted DiBiase (Jr) sign with WWE after Punk? I know neither of them have been the merchandising machines Punk was.

But can you imagine Legacy with Curtis Axel like names for those guys?

And would Joe Hennig have done any better as Axe Curtis?

The Legacy thing was actually during the period where Vince's crazy whim was guys keeping their wrestling namesake for marketing purposes.  So that was actually deliberate, believe it or not.  

And I feel like Axel Curtis might have been a better name.