Place to Be Nation Friday Update

Welcome to the weekend everyone. Enjoy this sample of pieces from the week that was at PTBN!

All Round Three matchups in the PTBN Greatest Television Character Tournament are posted and open for voting: PTBN’s World Cup of TV Characters – Knockout Round Four, Day Four

Kevin Kelly was joined by Dr. Tom Prichard for a great interview with lots of old school territory talk: The Kevin Kelly Show Episode 18 – Featuring Dr. Tom Prichard

Mike Mears looked at the Disease of More that plagues WWE: Pro Wrestling’s Disease of More

Scott & Justin’s Vintage Vault Refresh continued with The Big Event: Scott & Justin’s Vintage Vault Refresh: The Big Event

Russell Sellers ponders options for a potential Green Lantern film: Five Ways To Reboot Green Lantern

The PTBN Comics Team also had a long roundtable chat about Green Lantern: Giant-sized Hard-Traveling Fanboys #2: All Things Green Lantern

The Cowboy looked back at WCW Fall Brawl 1994 on its 20th anniversary: The Cowboy Goes to Class – WCW Fall Brawl 1994

PTBN’s Seinfeld Rewatch series continues on and is almost at the end of Season Two: Seinfeld: The PTBN Series Rewatch

The Pro Wrestling Super Show examined the legendary Tito Santana vs. Greg Valentine feud: Pro-Wrestling Super Show – Greg Valentine vs Tito Santana

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