WWF Superstars of Wrestling October 25th, 1986

October 25, 1986

From the Onandoga War Memorial in Syracuse, NY

Your hosts are Brnuo Sammartino, Jesse Ventura, and Vince McMahon

In action tonight are Koko B. Ware, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff and the featured matchup of Tito Santana & Pedro Morales vs. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff

Moondog Spot vs. Koko B. Ware

Vince is going out of his mind about Frankie. We are shown an insert promo from Butch Reed who tells Koko that either fries birds or plucks them and warns that he will be plucked. Jesse tells us that Koko gave him permission to call him “Buckwheat” when he wrestles. Koko starts the match with a slam and a pair of dropkicks as Spot goes to the corner. Koko fires away as Jesse keeps calling him Buckwheat, which pisses of Vince. Spot takes control after catching Koko with a backbreaker then works a front facelock on the mat. Spot hammers away but misses a fist drop from the middle rope. Koko fights back then catches Spot with a missile dropkick before putting him away with the ghostbuster (2:58).

Thoughts: Koko looked good and was getting over with the crowds at this time. Plus, using a missile dropkick to set up the brainbuster was an awesome combo, especially for 1986. Jesse made all sorts of Buckwheat references on commentary here and you could never get away with that today.

WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. This week’s focus is on Blackjack Mulligan, who will be returning to the WWF. Well, he has been here just under a different name. We get a clip of Mulligan from his ranch as he calls out Don Muraco, Randy Savage, and King Kong Bundy to come to his ranch for some hard work. Mulligan was very much washed up in 1986 and did not fit into the company but at least this meant the awful Machines gimmick was finished.

Tito Santana & Pedro Morales vs. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff w/ Slick

Santana interrupts Volkoff’s rendition of the Soviet National Anthem with a dropkick as the crowd goes nuts. They clear Sheik & Volkoff from the ring, who regroup with Slick. Back inside, Volkoff accidentally boots Sheik off of the apron as Jesse points out how referee Danny Davis is fair because he did not stop Santana from attacking Volkoff during the National Anthem, prompting an argument with Vince. Tito tags in but Volkoff rakes the eyes then Tito gets double-teamed for a bit. Sheik catches him with a clothesline that gets two. Tito makes the tag as Pedro knocks down the Sheik. He hits a backbreaker but Davis is distracted after Slick jumped up onto the apron until Santana ran in and turned him around. Pedro puts Sheik in a Boston Crab then Santana runs in to stop Volkoff from interfering but Davis orders him to the corner and that allows Volkoff to attack Morales and cover him for the win (3:10). After the match, Tito flips out on Davis then chases him off.

Thoughts: Notable for starting the bad blood between Santana and Davis but other than that, it was dull.

Jesse is with the British Bulldogs and Matilda, calling it the ugliest mascot ever. The WWF really tried to push Matilda at the beginning with all sorts of vignettes featuring heel wrestlers making fun of the dog but. Not much of a segment to be honest and it was under a minute long.

Ken Resnick is with Randy Savage, who will be facing Ricky Steamboat at the November 1st show in the Boston Garden. Savage tells us that he can control the atmosphere and how he is the most talented wrestler ever. Savage was wackier than usual here.

Steve Lombardi & Barry O. vs. The Islanders

Before the match, we get an insert promo from Tama on the beach in Samoa who says that he is ready to get funky. I believe he was the first Samoan in wrestling history to get funky too. Tama works over Barry to start as the crowd approves. Tama uses Snuka’s double leapfrog/chop spot then tags Haku, who slams Lombardi on top of his partner. He misses an elbow though and Lombardi tags into the match. Haku catches him with a hip toss then works the arm. Tama tags and they hit Lombardi with a double falling headbutt. Tama and Barry clothesline each other then tag out as Haku beats on Lombardi then takes Barry out with an atomic drop. Haku then hits Lombardi with a front suplex and Tama gets the pin with a splash off of the top rope (3:00)

Thoughts: The fans were really into the Islanders here, especially Tama. Man, Tama had it all then he let himself go and could

Resnick is with the British Bulldogs and asks them about Matilda. This was a bit ridiculous and didn’t help matters any that both of these guys were horrible on the mic. Resnick asked Matilda a question at the end, complete with sticking the microphone in her face

Mike Kelly vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

If Kelly looks familiar it is because he would go on to become Shane Douglas. Jake starts with a slam but Kelly ducks a clothesline and comes back with a crossbody that gets two. Jake gets up and hammers away we get an insert promo from Dick Slater who says that they call snakes “geeks” in the South. Kelly gets a little bit more offense but gets hit with a kneelift. Jake works the leg then puts him away with a DDT (2:27). After the match, Jake goes for his snake but the referee rolls Kelly out of the ring.

Thoughts: Good for a squash match. Jake gave Kelly a bit of offense here too. Jake was really good in the ring at this point as he was in shape and moved fluidly. Jake needs a feud as Steamboat has started to move on to facing Savage at the house shows and I really don’t think that Dick Slater is the answer.

Piper’s Pit wit guest Mr. Fuji. Piper tells Fuji that he already has his laundry finished as Fuji is holding a clear plastic bag filled with fortune cookies and reads them off as they are all insults aimed at Piper. Fuji then gets pissed when Piper makes fun on him then challenges him to a match next week. They are still playing up Piper’s leg injury at this point.

The Rougeau Brothers vs. “Mr. Electricity” Steve Regal & Jimmy Jack Funk

We have the top group of TV jobbers teaming up for this match. Raymond repeatedly slams his opponents then they clear the ring as we get an insert promo from Dino Bravo, who says that as a Canadian, the Rougeau Brothers make him sick. Jacques takes over Funk with a monkey flip then sends him to the floor with a dropkick. Regal tags and traps Jacques in the corner. Funk tags and hits a shoulderbreaker then they both clothesline each other. Jacques sends Funk into the post then tags Raymond and they finish off Funk with the Rougeau bomb.

Thoughts: The Rougeau’s continue to impress as the Tag Team Division kept getting stronger.

The Wizard and Sika are on the beach in Samoa. The Wizard screams about Hogan as Sika eats a fish. They were starting building up The Wizard’s stable for brief runs against Hogan.

“Leaping” Lanny Poffo vs. “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff w/ Bobby Heenan

Once again, Orndorff comes out to Hogan’s music. Poffo’s pre-match promo was about how Orndorff paled in comparison to Hogan in every single way. Orndorff knocks Poffo over the ropes with an uppercut then goes out and suplexes him on the floor. Orndorff rolls Poffo back into the ring and hits an elbow smash off the top rope then hits the piledriver for the win (1:07).

Thoughts: Orndorff completely dominated Poffo here as he remains the #1 contender to Hogan’s title.

Resnick is with the British Bulldogs, who will be facing the Hart Foundation at the Boston Garden. Albano either quit or was fired here then and he was missed on promos as the Bulldogs were horrible on the mic.

Piper is by himself as he cuts a promo on Don Muraco. He calls him an animal but says that he will not be eating him and that he likes to fight too. Piper then tells Muraco that at least he is in the cartoons (Muraco made fun of him for not being as big in real life) and gets residual checks before almost calling him a fat piece of s---.

In action next week will be Randy Savage, Harley Race, Junkyard Dog, and the featured match of Roddy Piper vs. Mr. Fuji.

Final Thoughts: The in ring portion was entertaining enough and the announcement of next’s week match will certainly further along Piper’s feud. The Bulldogs and the Tag Team Division as a whole received a majority of the focus here. The company was lacking compelling midcard feuds at the time and they were bringing back a lot of veterans who were all washed up (Sika, Mulligan, Graham) and were not focusing on the younger talent.