Heyman = greatness

Raw has been borderline unwatchable for a long time now as I speed watch on DVR in about an hour and twenty minutes.  But Paul Heyman is simply in the best groove on the stick I can remember.  I'm skipping full matches and watching twenty minute Heyman promos in full.   His promos with Cena have been classics as he's managed to do the impossible and get me thinking a Cena heel turn we all know isn't happening.  He is the emperor to Cena's Luke right now and it's just amazing to watch.  Has there ever been a non-wrestler to dominate a show like Paul E?   Vince had Austin there plus DX and Rock.  What does it say about WWE when the best thing going is a 49 year old bald man?

…that the product is really terrible at the moment?  

I don't know that Heyman is dominating the product as such, but he's certainly instrumental in getting Brock over without having him cut promos.  But then keep in mind what Heyman did for Axel, Ryback and Cesaro, which is to say f--- all.  So it's also a matter of the right people being matched together.