Hey Scott,
So arguably the 2nd biggest match on the NOC "ppv" thats supposed to hook in all these new network subs is Rollins vs Reigns. How does Vince promote this big match? He just had Reigns go over Rollins clean on the go home Raw. Then literally 10 minutes later the announcers hype the ppv match. So am I missing something, or did having the babyface go over the heel clean before the ppv become standard booking fare?
​I have no idea why anyone is supposed to pay money to see any of this shit anymore.  AJ and Paige skip around the ring for three months playing "mindgames"!  Apparently stuff gets booked based on what happens on Total Divas!  But they also book stuff to pay off on Total Divas, which doesn't air for another year.  It's a complete mess right now.​