Best Opinion

Hey Scott,
                    Longtime yada yada, yada.  Simple question for you and the blog. Of the rash of signees: Steen, KENTA, Devitt, and Willie Mack….which one(s) do you think have the best shot of reaching Punk/Bryan level (indy darling makes good) or Hero/Cabana (can't do nothing wit ya) and back to the indies??

Steen:  Totally depends on how they use him and if he buys into the system.  I don't know how much of a place there is for a brawler on the main roster, but variety is good and he's certainly a different worker.  He'll need a lot of time in the NXT system, though.

Hideo Itami:  They really want him to go far, for international money reasons and because this is really HHH's baby, so he'll do a bit of time in NXT and then probably get a shot on RAW.  He can absolutely do it all in the ring and if he can get his promos to an acceptable level, they'll have something there.

Prince Devitt:  He's the dark horse choice here, and as a super-asshole heel he could be really, really big.  He's another one where he's not giving up big NJPW money to rot in NXT, so expect to see him sooner rather than later.  

Willie Mack:  Never heard of him until he got signed and indy geeks started creaming over him, so I have no idea.  Couldn't even pick him out of a police lineup.  

Were I to guess I would say Devitt will be the next CM Punk level guy, but then I thought Adam Rose would work well on RAW too and they managed to f--- that up, so take any predictions with several shakers of salt.