Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

I almost feel like it’s cruel punishment to expect you guys to sit through RAW or anything wrestling related, especially during the dog days of the season as we trudge along to 2015. However this is the go home show for Night of Champions and Brock is supposedly on the telecast so that might make a difference.

Otherwise there’s plenty on TV:

Monday Night Football with the Colts and the Eagles should be a dandy affair.

Tonight’s HBO documentary is Terror at the Mall, which goes inside the event that took place at a shopping mall in Kenya last year where four men invaded the mall with automatic weapons and killed around 60 people. Apparently it’s very well done and will make it hard to sleep after watching.

PBS has the second part of the Ken Burns biopic on The Roosevelt Family. I’m all in on Ken Burns biographies so the DVR is set and I can watch it when the husband and kid are away watching football this weekend.

New season of Dancing With the Stars although stars is debatable with this group.

What you decide to watch, enjoy it and come out swinging but keep it clean!