Place Your Bets… longtime survival of the NXT 4

Hi Scott,
of the 4 participants in the NXT 4-way last night, who do you think has the longest staying power/most potential as and when they reach the main WWE roster? Personally, I think Zayn has the pleasant ‘D Bryan’ factor where he won’t actively alienate anyone backstage but probably won’t be assertive enough to truly identify himself as an Alpha A+ Player man-beast. I suspect that Neville will have a difficult time at first due to his (lack of) size, but worry he’ll injure someone with a well intentioned but mildly sloppy 450 splash and that will be a reason to ‘get rid’ of him. Breeze I suspect will go the way of Rose (although I think is a much better worker) and as for poor Kidd… well, we know what they’d do with him, because they’ve already done it.
Would love to hear your thoughts.

​Yeah anything that was going to happen with Kidd would have already happened.  I'm glad he's finding his character niche as a douchebag husband, and I hope he's making good money off Total Divas.  Breeze and Neville are SMALL.  Like they look small on NXT as it is and putting them on RAW is going to be a disaster, and I'm saying that as someone who loves Breeze.  ​Plus Breeze's gimmick is likely one that would get Dancin' Homered on RAW.  People know that Neville is an amazing worker, but so was Evan Borne and at a certain point the lack of size just couldn't be overcome.  As for Sami, he should have come up with the Shield and could debut tomorrow if they wanted.  And yeah, he's got that Daniel Bryan everyman vibe going on and is such an awesome babyface that he could work in several roles.