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Vince McMahon Forcing the WWE Creative Team to Book John Cena Stronger?

For the past few weeks, Vince has reportedly been all over the Creative Team to book Cena stronger to prove his fans that he’s “still in the fight” after being dominated by Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. It has also been reported that many people backstage felt that it was the wrong decision for Cena to destroy the Wyatt Family on RAW but Vince insisted on it and was unwilling to change his mind.


NXT Talents to Appear at RAW & Smackdown Tapings Over the Next Several Weeks

Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn, and Tyler Breeze are all scheduled to be at both TV tapings this weekend and for the  next several weeks, the top NXT talents are expected to be at the tapings too. It is unclear if the WWE is doing this in an attempt to create a NXT cross-promotion or not.

Current NXT Star to be Paired with The Miz?

There has been talk within the WWE of bringing up Tyler Breeze to pair with Miz as part of his entourage. Reportedly, the WWE Creative Team sees a lot of potential in the duo and hopes to test them out in pre-tapes shortly at the Performance Center.

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What Tag Team is Vince McMahon High Up on Now?

According to Mike Johnson of, Vince is very high on Goldust and Stardust as of late. It has also been reported that the reason for their renewed push is that Vince “hit the jackpot” regarding Codt Rhodes’ new character after several other gimmicks over the years. Also, the teams heel turn had been planned over the course of several weeks.

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