QOTD (Digest) #75 – Snacks

We all love candy so this one should be interesting

Question of the day….this one came to me yesterday as I was in Wal-Mart picking up medicine……

(Sidenote: Random rant time…..I’m there to pick up meds – being treated for a possible appendicitis….when I spent all day trying to remember where I heard the term “burst appendix”….random things that cross a wrestling junkie’s mind. Oh yeah….it was Dino Bravo, which was his reason given for missing the Crockett cup in 1986 (I think)….my guess is that was probably kayfabed…..ok where was I?….)

….so the QOTD is a Hypothetical one:

You’re in Wal-Mart in line, and you want to get something off that ridiculous smorgasboard of candy items they have right before you check out. What candy are you purchasing? For argument’s sake, we’ll make this 2 purchases….one from each category – Chocolate and Non-Chocolate?

I’ll be back this weekend once the drugs wear off.