Place to Be Nation Friday Update

Welcome to the weekend, everyone. Enjoy this sampling from the week that was at PTBN.

The PTB Staff counted down their favorite SummerSlam tag team matches: The Five Count: SummerSlam Tag Team Matches

Did we miss any from that list? What are some of your favorites?

Justin & Scott continue to overhaul their written Vintage Vaults with a look at WrestleMania II: Scott & Justin’s Vintage Vault Refresh: WrestleMania II

Mike Mears discusses what Bray Wyatt has to do next to push his career forward: Bray Wyatt, God Complexes, and (Breakable) Glass Ceilings

Ben Morse built his All Time August PPV Card: The All-Time August PPV Card

Roger Morrissette revisited WrestleMania IX after watching the build up in the PTB Raw Rewatch Series: The Cowboy Goes to Class – WrestleMania IX

The Movies of P2B Generation series is up through 2000: Movies of the P2B Generation

Steve Corino was joined by Cedric Alexander for this week’s Steve Corino Show: The Steve Corino Show Episode 19 – Cedric Alexander

Scott & Justin reviewed Backlash 2003 and then welcomed in Kevin Kelly to look at the first quarter of 2003 in WWE: The Place to Be Podcast

Adam Murray looked back at the Pop Music Class of 2009: A Look Back: Pop Music Class of 2009