Scott………1st of all let me say that I'm LOVING your raw rants!  I hope the network adds more soon so you can keep going!

I'm probably gonna switch to Nitro for a while to cleanse my palette anyway, or finish off the SNMEs.  

Question – watched wrestlemania 29 on the network.  What in the world was up with Jericho jobbing to fandango in a feud based on jericho mispronouncing fandangos name???

Would you rather they fight over a shampoo commercial?  

Was the WWE that high on fandango that he got a WM win over Jericho?

​Yup.  He was supposed to win the IC title a couple of months later, in fact.  ​

If so – why did they cool on him so fast?  I'm honestly surprised he's even still employed right now!

​He probably is too.  Basically Vince got a new toy and he thought that "Fandango-ing" ​was going to take off like "Yes!" eventually did, and when it didn't he got bored of Fandango and jettisoned him as a top prospect following his concussion problems.  Out of sight, out of mind unfortunately is how it works.  

Does Jericho have the stroke to refuse to do stuff like laying down to fandango?  Or is it a case where he just comes in every couple of years and does what's asked of him???

​The second one.  ​

Also – what a difference a year makes.  WM 29 is just filled from top to bottom with matched nobody wanted to see………and is predictable as it comes.  WM 30 has fresh faces in fresh matches and the surprise of all surprises with the streak ending.  Would you agree???

Sure, but WM29 also made a shitload more money than WM30 did, even though it's not really an entirely fair comparison.  People might not have wanted to see Rock v. Cena II, but they sure ponied up $70 for it with no problem.  

Also also – Jack Swagger vs Alberto del Rio at WM 29………really????


​I don't know if that applies a lot but all the right wing wackjobs on my Facebook list seem to use it all the time, so maybe it fits here.  ​