QOTD #74 – Hot TV Show Moms

Today’s Question of the Day: For today’s question, I channel my inner teenage soul……..of all the TV show MILF moms in your lifetime, who did you find to be the hottest?

Yesterday’s Question of the day had to do with the biggest ECW title changes……

The inspiration behind this question, of course, was the Dog Collar match between The Pitbulls and Raven/Richards. However, the biggest ECW Title change definitely had to be the main event of Barely Legal.

Sure, there were other more memorable changes, and definitely better matches, but to me there was only one option here: send the crowd home happy. The Ultimate hero/comeback story would be 50+ year old Terry Funk winning the 3 way, and then fighting off a young(-er) Raven to bring home the gold. The image of Terry Funk ending the PPV a bloody mess, celebrating becoming the World champion again is an underrated landmark moment in the history of ECW.