Austin vs. DX

Watching the Monday Night War on the network and the episode on DX puts the attitude era solely on the shoulders of DX.  I was just getting back into wrestling thanks to Stone Cold as a 15 yr old in 97, so here's my question: who was more representative of "attitude" Austin or DX?   There's literally nothing in this episode about Austin but he was giving the finger long before the crotch chops became popular.   So is this simply HHH producing a personal history reflection?
​Come on now, there's still another bazillion episodes of this show left for them to contradict the points they made in the earlier episodes.  They have plenty of time left to say it was all Austin.  But the DX thing is a bit of retcon that has been percolating into WWE history for the past decade or so, with the new company line being that the DX invasion stuff was what turned around the war.  History is written by those who are banging the boss's daughter, as they say. ​