Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Been a hell of a weekend and a hell of a day. I swear it feels like my phone doesn’t stop ringing for a three-hour span on Monday and naturally while answering calls and metaphorically putting out fires I don’t get any of my stuff done.

Anyway we’re approaching the dog days of the wrestling calendar as once Brock dispatches of Cena we’ll go through a 3-4 month period of universal disinterest until the Royal Rumble wakes us up. Usually the Big Show is headlining cards during this dead period and thankfully that doesn’t appear to be changing in 2014.

Tonight of TV:

Monday Night Football Doubleheader
Men’s U.S. Open Final is on but not very competitive
Steve Buscemi is hosting an FDNY documentary on HBO.

There’s other stuff too I’m sure.

Keep it clean folks!