Jake and Earthquake 1991

Unless my mind is bad, I don't remember any blow off match for the earthquake killing Damien angle in 1991.Was there ever suppose to be, or was it just suppose to be a catalyst for Jake going off the deep end and turning heel?

And while we're on 1991 how is that time period booked if Flair never comes in and Warrior never leaves? Is there any chance of Jake getting a run with the belt? Always seemed to me that that would have been the perfect time to do it.

​Would YOU have trusted Jake Roberts with a World title at that point?  That's a lot of "if" for 91, but I think they would have just kept the belt on Hulk through the Sid feud.  
As for the Earthquake feud, they did the house show run after Wrestlemania and then I think WWF just kind of changed their mind and wanted to do the Natural Disasters deal instead.  ​