DiBiase-Von Erich ’90-91?

Hey Scott,

Random thing I was wondering about for no particular reason. I remember hearing – in my earliest days of fandom when I didn't watch *everything* – that DiBiase bought his way into a guest ring announcer slot in order to interfere and help Mr. Perfect  win the IC title back from Kerry Von Erich. Was there ever a plan to go somewhere with that – say, build to a bigger Tornado-DiBiase program that cluminated at WM7 – before it was dropped to do the Virgil feud? Or was it just meant to start a house show program or something like that and that's why it was scarcely heard of again? Did the false start have anything to do with Kerry's drug/depression issues?

Don't ask me why my brain went there, but I thought this would be a nice change of pace for you.

They did the house show run for a week or so after the title switch, but then Dibiase had knee surgery according to The History of WWE and was basically out of action until after the Rumble.  They probably just decided to drop it at that point.  


p.s. Would there be any blog interest in a fantasy hockey league, or whatever you call it Canada (something involving the word "pool," right?). I decided not to do fantasy football this year, and was thinking about trying out hockey, since I enjoy the sport more anyways.

There might be.  I don't really take part in them myself. 

p.p.s Didn't the Canucks already TRY having a starting goalie who folds like a card table when the playoffs start?

​Yeah, but he was handicapped by playing in Buffalo before and probably didn't understand what the playoffs were.  ​