Big Show?!?!

Are the seriously going to run Big Show as the next challenger to Brock?  Who even buys him as a main eventer anymore?   Why not take a shot with… ANYONE ELSE?  Sheamus/Brock would be interesting, he'll give Orton his title rematch in a never before seen match.  Literally anything would be interesting than another Big Show feud.
​You know, they still have two weeks for Vince to flip-flop and put the title back on Cena again, so let's not start freaking out yet.  
Personally I would have presumed that they'd turn Orton babyface again and have him be the next victim, because that's not only a great match but a FRESH one.  We literally haven't seen it before!  Orton is a legit main event guy who they could get three PPVs out of but still beat in the end with no problem.  Ditto Sheamus.  
So obviously ​Big Show is the way to go.