Yearly Review: WWF May 1990

The mighty Earthquake makes a big statement as he looks to become a dominate force in the WWF. What does he do? Find out!

WWF World Championship Scene: (currently held by: The Ultimate Warrior)
There wasn’t much of anything new going on throughout the month for the new champ. Warrior competed against Mr. Perfect on the house show market and would win each match. His feud with Rick Rude continued as well. Rude revealed during the May 15th taping of Superstars that he would no longer kiss a random female fan from the crowd until he wins the WWF World Championship. Aside from that, Warrior had an easy month as the champion.

WWF Intercontinental Championship Scene: (currently held by: Mr. Perfect)
Aside from losing to Warrior on the house show market, Perfect didn’t really compete in any other notable matches. Mr. Perfect did get a rare win for the month when he was able to pin Hercules at a house show in Toronto, Ontario.

WWF World Tag Team Championship Scene: (currently held by: Demolition)
Yet again, there weren’t any new developments in the title scene. Demolition worked the house show market against the Hart Foundation. They would trade disqualification victories throughout the month, but nothing new happened between these two teams.

 Other Happenings:
– Earthquake became the host hated man in the WWF when during the May 15th taping of Superstars, he viciously attacked everyone’s hero, Hulk Hogan on the Brother Love show. Earthquake splashed Hogan several times after laying him out with a steel chair shot to the back as Hogan was distracted by Jimmy Hart. Hogan would do a stretcher job and leave fans worried about his future.

– During the same taping, Bad News Brown tried to seemingly murder Jake Roberts snake. Brown attacked Roberts after a match and tried to smash the snake with a steel chair. Luckily, Roberts was able to prevent that from happening.

– Boris Zhukov and Nikolai Volkoff officially broke up and began to have matches against each other. Volkoff was the babyface while Zhukov remanined true to Russia and his heel persona.

– Brother Love joined the team of Randy Savage, and Sensational Sherri in a feud with Dusty Rhodes, Sapphire and Miss Elizabeth. Love proclaimed that he would have Elizabeth kiss his feet.

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