Quality Control!

OK, so I was following the bitchfest in the news update, and some of you might have a point with regards to stuff.  The forum is terrible as it stands and I was using it because it’s embeddable in Blogger, but it serves no purpose as is, so I’ve created a new one to try out for a couple of weeks.  http://rspwfaq.boards.net Obviously there’s nothing there at the moment and to be brutally honest I don’t have the time or desire to moderate and deal with it, so if any of my crew would like to handle it, let me know and I’ll get you set up.  As for the other point about too much stuff clogging up the main page, yes, I hear you.  Option 1 would be someone handling article scheduling and admin stuff, and if anyone wants that job I’m more than happy to give it to them.  Option 2 is offloading things to the other Blogger page I still own at scottkeith.blogspot.ca, at which point I would create a sub-domain off rspwfaq.com and the B-Team could post there to their heart’s delight.  Either option works for me.  Open to discussion of all this here!