NWA Saturday Night 1-20-90

on January 20 from Von Braun Civic Center in Huntsville, Alabama

Hosted by Jim Ross and GORDON SOLIE~!|

JR mentions that Kevin Sullivan has
been pulled from the show because his situation with Norman the Lunatic has compromised his ability to objective. Solie
promotes his upcoming “Mat Classics” segment and Arn Anderson will defend the TV title against Ranger Ross. All that and more! But let’s go up to the ring.

Rick Fargo and Mark Kyle vs. The Rock
& Roll Express.

JR says it’s a 90-minute program tonight because TBS has NBA Basketball
scheduled. As for the match Fargo and Kyle do about as well as you would
expect. Kyle gets a little power stuff in but Morton pops him with a dropkick
to forces him to tag into Fargo. Hiptoss for Fargo and a tag to Gibson, who
decks Fargo with an elbow. Tag to Morton, who hiptosses Fargo and adds a nasty
knee drop on the arm. More quick tags and arm work. Gibson hits an enziguri and
the double dropkick finishes this one.

Commercials are edited out with the exception of a Road Warriors commercial
plugging Roos sneakers.

Highlights from an eight-man tag on Worldwide featuring The Road Warriors and The
against the Skyscrapers
and Doom. The heels murder the faces
once the donnybrook begins. Doom with a spike piledriver on Scott Steiner and “Mean” Mark Callous hits a sweet top rope flying elbow on Animal that is followed by a powerbomb
from Danny Spivey. Eventually Rick Steiner chases them off with a

Back to live action.

Larry Santo & Keith Hart vs. The
Midnight Express

No, not that Keith Hart…Huge face pop for the Express, especially Eaton as he
is a native of Huntsville. Lane starts off fast and tags Eaton, who adds a knee
drop. Eaton with an elbow and body slam on Hart and then goes to the top and
hits a BEAUTIFUL flying elbow. That was about 0.9 Savage there. Eaton dumps
Hart to the floor where Lane roughs him up and the fans just love it. Lane
tagged in and he suplexes Hart, tag back to Eaton who gives Hart a super
spinebuster for the pin. Quick squash and still awesome.

Doom is next!

Big NWA shows upcoming! Jan. 26 in the Omni! Jan. 24 in Greenville! Jan 22 in
Greensboro and tonight in Baltimore!!!

Lex Luger also pushes Roos sneakers.

Teddy Long talks to JR flanked by
the Skyscrapers and Doom. I believe this is Long officially taking over the
management of Doom. Ron Simmons wearing a mask and cutting a Ron Simmons promo
is hilarious. Hmmm…I wonder who is under the mask? Like I said, if there was an
internet back then this would be considered trolling.

Back to the ring.

Paul Drake & Sean Regal vs. Doom.

And yes Doom is no longer with Woman. That was a subtle, but very cool intro.
Please WWE let Teddy come back and manage Titus and Big E as the new Doom.
PRETTY PLEASE. Sean Regal tries to jump Simmons, who kills him with a powerslam
and lays in the quality badmouth. Reed is tagged in and smashes Regal with a
clothesline as swinging neckbreaker as Ross says he doesn’t know the amateur
background of Doom? OH RLY? Once those masks come off he’s throwing out
factoids of their collegiate football backgrounds like he was John Madden. Reed
with a press slam on Regal and that gives him the opportunity to tag Drake.
High knee from Reed and a double clothesline on poor Drake. Belly to belly
suplex by Simmons but he pulls Drake up at two. Tag to Reed and Drake tags out
too. NASTY back body drop on Regal, he almost landed on his head. Super Hart
attack finishes this destruction. Honestly watching Doom beat the crap out of
jobbers is almost as fun as watching the Steiner.

And we’re going to watch a replay of a match from The Main Event for some

Sting vs. Mr. Asia.

Not sure who Mr. Asia is – he’s a big white guy under a mask. He stalls a lot.
A LOT. His body shape looks familiar but I can’t tell who yet. The crowd is
going nuts for Sting and Mr. Asia gets frustrated and just leaves the ring.
Back in and Sting slams him not once but twice and hits two drop kicks that
send Mr. Asia to the floor for the sixth time in this match. Sting doesn’t want
to deal with the BS so he pulls out a pescado to the floor. Asia spends a good
minute out there so Sting goes out to the floor too and hangs out with the fans
until Asia decides he’s ready. Asia catches Sting coming back in the ring and
floors him with a big boot. Asia chokes a lot and Sting reverses an Irish whip
and gives Mr. Asia a back body drop and a clothesline off the top rope. Sting
thinks about working the arm but instead decides to put this clown away.
Stinger splash and Scorpion deathlock end this. I don’t know where they were
trying to go with this segment but it was basically a squash with a LOT of

Back to live action.

Bob Cook & Lee Scott vs. The
Fabulous Freebirds.

Speaking of stalling…It’s Michael Hayes
and Jimmy Garvin at this point. One
thing I will say about Hayes and Garvin, they always looked like they were
having the time of their lives. They come to the ring just dancing and acting
silly. It’s refreshing to see two guys with matching perms just being bros and
loving life. Cook and Garvin start out and fight each other over a headlock.
Tag to Hayes and he sends Cook to the buckle and drops him with a left hand. Cook
tags in Scott, who is met with a corner clothesline and then a tag to Garvin, a
super corner clothesline from Garvin and the DDT ends it.

Flyin’ Brian and Z-Man tell the Freebirds not to sing it
but bring it.

Back to the ring.

The Gladiator vs. “Dr Death” Steve

Williams pounds away and kills him with a clothesline and a giant elbow drop.
Doc works the arm a little bit and then hits him with a football tackle. Doc
goes for another tackle but Gladiator raises a knee and floors Williams with a
clothesline. Reverse neckbreaker from the Gladiator and a double axe from the
second rope. They blown some sort of a move – Solie says Williams went for a
scoop slam and was blocked…I saw they botched something else. Williams rallies
with the press slam and another elbow drop for two. Williams misses a lariat
and Gladiator hits another big clothesline. Knee drop from Gladiator but the
suplex was blocked and reversed. Williams rallies with some punches but
Gladiator with a thumb to the eye, he goes to the ropes and Williams gets the
powerslam out of nowhere for the three count. This wasn’t bad.

(Williams def. Gladiator, pinfall, **)

NWA Live Events coming up in Marietta, Ga. On Jan. 30, Charleston S.C. on Jan
27 and don’t forget the BIG show at the Omni on Jan. 26 and tonight in Baltimore!

JR and Solie talk about the upcoming TV title defense when Cactus Jack Manson busts into the scene and cuts a promo on Dr.
Death along with a challenge for next week’s show! I’m kind of excited about

NWA World TV Title: Ranger Ross vs. Arn

Ross puts over Anderson for being a competitor and offering Ross a title shot
as well as other guys that show they are worthy of competing for the title. The
TV championship really was a great title in the right guys’ hands. If they ever
put out a DVD (or hey a Network Exclusive) on the Best of the TV title they
could probably find a lot of good matches. Steiner-Steamboat? Eaton-Austin? A
ton of Brad Armstrong matches. Even pull out a few Tully-Dusty matches to make
the old man happy.

Ross and Anderson do a ton of wrestling early and a lot of clean breaks and
handshakes and stuff. Anderson looks more and more perturbed with each
sequence, which sees Ross getting the best of him early on. Hmm Ross is like a
REAL Army Ranger so I’m not sure if I’d f--- with him too much. Anderson goes
back to his roots and punches Ross off the clean break so he can go to work.
Anderson gets the hammerlock and drops four knees on the arm just to be a dick.
Ross works his way to his feet and gets and irish whip but sets too early and
Anderson drops the elbow on his head. Anderson extends out the arm a little
more and Ross gets back to his feet and breaks the hold with some forearms.
Ross with a back chop and an irish whip with a back body drop. Anderson with a
headbutt to the sternum but Ross hits the combat kick off a corner whip for
two. Ross gives Anderson some corner punches but Anderson hits the inverted
atomic drop and the spinebuster to get the finish. Not bad at all.

(Anderson def. Ross, pinfall, **1/4)

Woman is back and says that Ric Flair can’t always get what he
wants but he can what he needs and if he needs her, she’s more than available.

The Galaxian vs. “Hot Stuff” Eddie

Not sure if that’s Alpha or Beta, the TV graphic just says “Galaxian One”.
Works for me. Ross announces that Gilbert will get a TV title shot against Arn
Anderson next week on Saturday Night. Gilbert and Galaxian do a rope sequence
and Gilbert gets the hip toss and Galaxian works Gilbert to the ropes and slaps
him. Whoa, that’s a Memphis guy you’re doing that to. And yep, Gilbert cheap
shots him and the Galaxian takes a powder. Galaxian back in the ring and rakes
Gilbert’s back but Gilbert sends him into the buckle and floors him with a
snapmare and a jumping stomp. Suplex from Gilbert and a shoulderblock. Galaxian
grunts a lot, sort of like Iron Mike Sharpe. Gilbert does a little showboating
as both guys are clearly stalling to waste time. Galaxian goes to the eyes and
floors Gilbert with a punch and a second punch. Irish whip but Galaxian sets
too early and eats an uppercut. Hot shot off a reversed irish whip ends this

JR is with three of the Horsemen
thankfully Ole is missing. Flair
goes through the usual spiel….yadda yadda…elite athletes…yadda…yadda…we walk
where we wanna walk because we’re the best. And with the new addition of Sting
we’re stronger than ever. Sting is like the nerd that the cool kids are hanging
out with until they get the answers to the test. Good promo and I’m just
dogging it because it’s one we’ve heard a million times.

Live NWA Events! Savannah, Ga. On the 29th! Don’t forget that huge
Omni show on the 26th. Columbia, S.C. on the 25th. Myrtle
Beach on the 24th and tomorrow night in Richmond where Flair and the
Samoans on the bill!

Jim Cornette’s Louisville Slugger
with J-Tex (Muta, Sawyer, Anderson).
Buzz Sawyer says he was raised in a
cage. Muta and Dragonmaster are wearing their costume masks so it’s quite possible
neither Mutoh or Nagasaki are present for this segment. Sawyer actually cuts
quite an entertaining promo. I’ve never really heard him speak before but he
does have some serious charisma. Sawyer says the Sting-Flair match might not
happen if they get hurt at the Clash of Champions.

Back to the ring.

Robbie Idol vs. Kevin Sullivan.

Sullivan throws Idol to the floor right away and slams him on the blue mat and
runs him into the post. No f------ around for the Gamemaster. JR says Sullivan
and Norman will have a falls count anywhere match at the Clash. Cactus Jack is
at ringside reading “The Road Less Traveled”. Meanwhile in the ring Sullivan is
just maiming this poor kid. Man you really draw the short straw as a jobber if
you get Sullivan. He won’t sell anything and he’s probably going to stiff the
hell out of you. A lot of kicks to the face and a back suplex. A big right hand
and the double stomp finish this.

JR and Solie recap tonight’s action and preview next week’s two big matches as
Cactus Jack will take on Dr. Death Steve Williams and Arn Anderson will defend
the TV title against Eddie Gilbert.

Bottom Line: Not the best episode
but an easy view for 60+ minutes. Next week’s show should be really good but I
probably can’t get to it until early Saturday morning.