Impact Wrestling – September 3, 2014

September 3, 2014
Manhattan Center, New York City, New York
Mike Tenay, Taz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
still in New York and things are actually going well for TNA, at
least on screen. Last week we saw a really good tag team match and
the World Title scene is starting to take shape. That being said,
Bound For Glory is getting closer and closer and there really isn’t
much taking shape for the biggest show of the year. Other than
penciling in the finals of the tag team series, there isn’t a major
challenger on the horizon for Lashley. Let’s get to it.

open with a recap of last week’s main event. Team 3D gets to pick
the stipulation for the next match.
the Trio with something to say. MVP says Lashley is about to become
the Bellator World Champion and says no one can stop him. This
brings out Samoa Joe to
praise MVP for his skills as a hype man. Joe says Lashley isn’t the
toughest man in the world, the city, or even in this ring. He wants
to drop these belts and have a fight right now. King
gets in Joe’s face and the brawl is on. Referees break them up and
MVP makes Joe vs. Lashley later.
on Taryn Terrell vs. Gail Kim. They make this sound WAY bigger than
it really is.
Title: Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell
is defending and quickly takes her down to start. A rollup gets two
for Terrell and a middle rope clothesline gets the same. Gail comes
right back with a top rope hurricanrana, followed by a DDT on the
arm. She misses the charge in the corner though and falls out to the
floor. Taryn
loads up the steps but gets caught in a neckbreaker onto the steel
which knocks both girls silly. Back
in and Eat Defeat gets two, followed by an RKO for the same for
Taryn. Gail
is staggered so Terrell goes up for a high cross body, only to have
Gail roll through to retain at 6:00.
The match was decent but the fans chanting THIS IS AWESOME shows how
lame womens’ wrestling has been lately. It was entertaining but
awesome is a stretch to put it mildly. This was miles beneath the
stuff they did a year or so ago but it still wasn’t bad. The
division is pretty horrible anymore though as there’s barely a
division to speak of.
might get a solution to that here though as Havok debuts and destroys
Taryn with White Noise and Gail with a one arm chokeslam.
tells Eric Young to watch out for Roode tonight.
The BroMans try to get
a phone signal to find out who they’ve been matched up with on their
dating game.
Here’s EC3 to rip on
the fans cheering for Dixie being powerbombed through a table. The
Carter charity is ending and Rhino will be the first victim. Carter
has a list of demands: the firing of Bully Ray, the banning of the
words violence and extreme, and the ending of YOU CAN’T WRESTLE
chants due to him proving his skills. The fans start a CM Punk chant
and Ethan says he’d love to beat him too. Rhino jumps the barricade
and beats Carter up, only to have SPud pull Ethan to the floor.
Rhino wants a fight right now and Carter says it’s on….against
Some chick is admiring
Samuel Shaw when Gunner comes up to ask about Shaw putting on
Gunner’s uniform. Shaw says he wanted to look like a hero and Gunner
says it’s cool.
Shaw/Gunner vs. Bram/Magnus
Shaw nails a nice
dropkick on Magnus to start before it’s quickly off to Gunner for a
double back elbow. Bram comes in and rams Gunner face first into the
buckle for no effect, so Gunner does the exact same thing to the
Brit. A finger to the eye stops Gunner so Shaw tags himself in, much
to Gunner’s annoyance. Shaw and Magnus clothesline each other and a
double tag brings in Gunner to run over Bram. A slingshot suplex
gets two on Bram but Gunner has to nail Magnus. Gunner hurts his
knee coming off the middle rope, allowing Bram to clip him for a pin
at 4:02.
D+. I’m still not sure where
they’re going with Gunner and Shaw and I really don’t care for the
most part. Shaw is a character instead of a wrestler and that’s ok
for the most part, but this story really doesn’t make very
interesting television. This story has been going on for months now
and it really hasn’t gone anywhere yet. The characters aren’t the
best in the first place, making the whole thing really tiring.
reminds Roode of his past issues with Young.
BroMans aregue some more until the Beautiful People come up as their
dates. DJZ is told to get them on the guest list for every club.
Young vs. Bobby Roode
two got out of a cage at the same time so this is a singles match for
the next World Title shot. Tenay
tries to explain MVP’s comments by saying Roode was a bigger deal in
Team Canada but that Young was never subservient to Bobby. That’s
true, but there’s no mention made of the time where Roode owned
Young’s TNA contract and treated him like a slave. Feeling
out process to start until Young takes him down with a headlock.
early piledriver attempt is countered with a backdrop and Roode kicks
him in the face to take over. Young
backflips over the corner and goes up top for a missile dropkick and
two. Roode comes right back
with a Blockbuster and the spinebuster for two each. A
wheelbarrow suplex gets the same for Eric, even though he missed the
accompanying neckrbeaker.
busts out a moonsault for another near fall but he gets caught in the
Crossface. He rolls out for
two and nails a DDT on Roode for the same. There’s the top rope
elbow but Bobby kicks out again. Eric’s
piledriver is countered into a pinfall reversal sequence, capped off
by Roode hitting the Roode Bomb for the pin and the title shot at
C. The match was good but there
wasn’t much emotion to this for the most part. It also doesn’t help
that Young just does not feel like a main eventer and the ending
wasn’t really in doubt. I’m also not a fan of how far back TNA goes
for its history. They’re bringing up issues these guys had about ten
years ago for the backstory and if you weren’t around back then, none
of what they’re talking about makes sense.
shake hands post match.
stares Roode down in the back.
no one’s surprise, Team 3D picks a tables match for the second match
in the tag team series. Ray
has lost track of how many Tag Team Titles they’ve won.
vs. DJZ vs. Craazy Steve vs. Low Ki vs. Manik
vs. Tigre Uno
gets an X-Division Title shot at some point in the future and this is
one fall to a finish. Low Ki hammers on Tigre to start before
hitting a kind of spinebuster for two. A fisherman’s suplex gets the
same with all four other guys making the save. Off to Manik
vs.Homicide with the masked man being sent into the ropes for a tag
to DJZ.
comes in with a sunset flip for two on DJZ before everything breaks
down. DJZ and Steve are sent to the floor with Low Ki and Tigre
being backdropped after them. Manik and Homicide trade some suplex
attempts until Manik jumps into a cutter. The Gringo Killa gives
Homicide the title shot at 4:32.
Well that happened. There’s no story, there’s no psychology, there’s
absolutely nothing we haven’t seen before. This division is such a
disaster at this point as it’s back to the old habit of some big
multiman match to set up a one off title shot and then do it all over
again. That gets really old really fast and we reached that point a
long time ago.
comes in and superkicks Manik while James Storm watches from
ringside. They drag the unconscious Manik to the back.
Aries is in the ring to talk about his skin being green from the mist
attack last week. He calls out Sanada and Storm but James insists
that this is the GREAT Sanada. He welcomed Sanada with open arms,
just like he will with Manik. Storm instills a vision of greatness
in these people, all led by the legend himself.
is going to be the greatest man that ever came out of Japan and the
man people think of instead of the Great Muta. Aries doesn’t like
the word great being thrown around this much and says both guys have
ticked off a lot of people. He didn’t come here alone, so here’s
Tajiri to help in the fight. The good guys clean house and Storm
slaps some sense into Sanada. Tajiri looks less intimidating without
his goatee.
isn’t sure why he’s facing Rhino but Ethan threatens to fire Spud if
he doesn’t go out there.
recap Chris Melendez’s debut last week. He
debuts next Wednesday.
Spud vs. Rhino
throws him into the corner to start and then gorilla presses him
down. Spud
gets in a few shots to the back and Rhino just gets mad. The Gore
misses and Spud brings in a trashcan. He takes too long to pose
though and the Gore ends Spud at 2:34.
leaves Spud behind.
Lashley vs. Samoa Joe
brawl starts on the floor with Joe sending Lashley flying off a
suplex. Back in and Joe nails a few Facewashes followed by the
running boot to the face. Joe puts on a guillotine choke but Lashley
drives him into the corner and scores with a neckbreaker. We hit the
chinlock on Joe for a bit before Lashley leapfrogs him into a
clothesline. Back
to the nerve hold for a few moments before Joe plants him for two.
Lashley powerslams him off the top but misses the spear. Joe puts on
the choke but has to deal with Kenny King. The distraction lets
Lashley hit a full nelson slam and the spear for the pin at 6:43.
Another watchable match but not much more than that. TNA really
needs to work on its big showdowns as these matches that are supposed
to be huge come off more like filler. This didn’t do anything for me
and just made the X-Division Champion look weaker than the World
The wrestling wasn’t bad but this show felt like it went on forever.
The problem for TNA right now is it feels like they’re just spinning
their wheels and waiting for Bound For Glory to get here, but the
more shows like this, the less interesting it sounds. Other than the
Aries vs. Storm feud, nothing on here feels like it matters or holds
any interest. They’re just people going out there and then moving on
to next week. It isn’t terrible, but there’s no emotion to it and
that makes for some very long shows.
Kim b. Taryn Terrell – Kim rolled through a high cross body
b. Gunner/Samuel Shaw – Clip to Gunner
Roode b. Eric Young – Roode Bomb
b. Tigre Uno, Manik, DJZ, Craazy Steve and Low Ki – Gringo Killa to
b. Rockstar Spud – Gore
Samoa Joe – Spear

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