WWF Wrestling Challenge October 5th, 1986

October 5, 1986

From the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center in Salisbury, MD

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

Tonight’s featured matchup will be the Junkyard Dog vs. Jimmy Jack Funk. Also in action are the Dream Team, Harley Race, Dick Slater and the Rougeau Brothers. Plus, footage from the Piper’s Pit/Flower Shop showdown and the Snake Pit with guests Butch Reed and Slick.

Allen Martin vs. King Harley Race w/ Bobby Heenan

While Heenan is with King, Valiant takes his place on commentary. He seems really drunk tonight as he is making no sense at all. He said that Race makes him want to get margarine. Race takes down Martin then hits a suplex as Valiant is doing Richard Nixon impressions. Shortly after that, Race gets the win with a cradle suplex (1:12).

Thoughts: Too short to really even do anything for Race. This was only memorable for Valiant’s insanity on commentary.

We get a “Wrestler’s Rebuttal” with Super & Big Machine and how they are upset that there is no sushi, saki, Geisha girls, or fried rice in their American hotel rooms. Yep, this happened. Big Machine’s (Blackjack Mulligan) part was quite racist.

Bob Bradley & “Mr. Electricity” Steve Regal vs. The Rougeau Brothers

Heenan is back as Gorilla lets him know he was unhappy with Valiant taking his place. Ramon takes Bradley outside as the Rougeau’s are shown in an insert promo speaking in French. Regal and Jacques work a brief sequence that ends with Jacques hitting a flying headscissors. Regal reaches for the tag and it appears that he did in fact make the tag but after getting taunted by the Rougeau’s for being a chicken, he stays in and backs Raymond into the corner. Raymond whips Regal into the corner then hits a slam. Bradley runs in and gets slammed too. Bradley slams Raymond but misses a splash off of the top. Raymond then tags Jacques and they put Bradley away with the Rougeau Bomb (2:41).

Thoughts: The Rougeau’s continue to get a small push. Regal was signed after quitting the NWA and lasted here for about several weeks before leaving as he was primarily used as a TV jobber.

Ken Resnick is with Corporal Kirchner. Resnick then asks Kirchner about being a contender for the Intercontinental Title as Kirchner puts over the prestige of the title and is looking forward to facing the top competition. Savage did not have much in terms of opponents for his IC Title.

We are shown the Flower Shop vs. Piper’s Pit segment from “Superstars of Wrestling” from last week when Bob Orton, Don Muraco, and Adrian Adonis all destroyed Piper.

Resnick is with Dick Slater and asked how he got the “Rebel” nickname. Slater said he got it from Richard Petty, who is his friend, and that he deserves a title shot or a match against anyone else who is in title contention. He then cuts a promo on Paul Orndorff and how he went to school with him and that he now needs an attitude adjustment.

Tiger Chung Lee vs. “The Rebel” Dick Slater

We get an insert promo from Slater who is still going to give out attitude adjustments. Match starts with Slater catching a kick from Lee then knocking him down. Slater takes him down again with a snapmare then drops an elbow that gets two. Lee cheapshots Slater after a break with a throat thrust and takes control for a bit. Slater counters a sleeper with a back suplex then sets him up for an elbow smash off of the top rope for the win (2:56).

Thoughts: Slater was getting a push on this show and seemingly for a few matches against Orndorff which as far as I know never took place.

The Snake Pit with guests Butch Reed and Slick. Reed says that he is a natural man, athlete, and leader. Slick chimes in about how Reed cannot be beat. Roberts then says that he cannot find a weakness in Reed. The Snake Pit has been very boring as a whole to be honest.

Don Hastings & Jerry Allen vs. The Dream Team w/ Johnny Valiant

Allen and Valentine trade arm wringers to start the match. Valentine misses an elbow drop and Allen scoops him up for a slam. Valentine comes back with an eye rake then tags Beefcake. Allen slams him then referee Danny Davis steps in between them as Gorilla is upset about his antics of late. Hastings tags but Beefcake kicks his ass. He hits a backbreaker then yells “figure four” as he tags Valentine, who works the leg briefly before locking on the figure four leg lock for the win (2:44).

Thoughts: The Dream Team continue to slowly slide down the card. They are continuing the Danny Davis storyline here too.

Jimmy Jack Funk vs. Junkyard Dog

Funk fails to slam JYD then gets slammed himself. JYD catches Funk with a clothesline but misses a headbutt and that allows Funk to take control. He slams JYD this time but misses a fist drop off of the second rope. JYD hits some headbutts then they slug it out with JYD winning that battle. JYD hits another clothesline then rings his bell. Funk fights back but JYD hulks up and fires back with some of the worst punches you will see. JYD puts him in an abdominal stretch but Funk is able to reach the ropes. JYD gets in some more shots before finishing off Funk with a powerslam (4:38).

Thoughts: This was a really bad match as JYD was just pitiful in the ring at this point. He could barely move and seemed gassed after the first minute. JYD gets less and less of a reaction now too. Being in meaningless TV squashes teaming with George Steele for months now without direction isn’t helping either.

Resnick is with Bobby Heenan. He runs down the Machines then King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd come out and talk about how they have hospitalized Andre in the past and will take on anyone, anywhere.

Next week in action will be the Killer Bees, George Steele, and featured match of Randy Savage vs. Billy Jack Haynes. Plus, a “Wrestler’s Rebuttal” segment with Bob Orton & Don Muraco

Final Thoughts: Nothing of note happened on this show. The only things memorable were for the wrong reasons (Valiant’s commentary & Machines Segment). They were pushing Butch Reed, which wasn’t a bad thing at all but also pushing Kirchner as a threat to the IC Title, which was ridiculous. The featured match stunk too.