Question of the Day: If Vince McMahon were to name a new General Manager of RAW (which at some point, I am sure he will), who would be your first choice?

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In lieu of the fact that I have been on vacation the last few days or so, I will do a quick catch-up session and chime in with my 1.57 cents (for those of you who think my opinion worth less than 2 cents) in regards to the QOTDs.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Kurt Angle?

As much as I dug the 3 Is character, the Wrestlemania match with HBK, the craziness that has ensued with TNA from the drugs, stalking (btw, on a personal note, props for banging the black chick), I have 3 images/moments from the career of Kurt Angle are burned into my brain (among the many below)…..

From the aborted run in 2001 with Stone Cold Steve Austin…about :50 into this clip where Angle is singing to Vince McMahon….comedy gold (the funniest moment in the early years of Smackdown)….that moment where Angle forgets the words and ad-libs (“….I got Olympic Gold!”)

“The billion dollar princess has become the dairy queen!!!!!!!!!”

and of course, the match that everybody loves – including most of the bloggers.

the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Jake The Snake Roberts?

DEFINITELY this one……Hardcore if I ever saw it. (Taylor legit needed 10 stitches afterward)
Back when an angle being perfectly executed meant the difference in getting over successfully as a heel and….well….The Miz, nobody could do it like The Snake. Even ahead of the Steamboat SNME angle, because of the pure viciousness, and the fact that Taylor legit was injured.

In honor of “Labor Day” (being celebrated in america), and celebrating the day off – 3 questions:

a) What is the greatest job you’ve ever had (not considering salary, or course)?

Salary notwithstanding, definitely my college job: the after hours (Midnight-4 AM) front desk guy……at an all-girls college dorm….No further explanation needed.

b) What was the worst job you’ve ever had?

Telemarketing. Nothing like getting hung up on 80 times in 4-5 hours to really emphasize how crappy the real world can be

c) When celebrating holidays (or other occasions), just out of curiosity, what is your favorite “go-to drink”?

Besides “Alpha Punch” (my fraternity drink), definitely the old Vodka + Cranberry juice. In terms of beer, Bud Light, and (a sleeper) Shiner Bock – I highly recommend it. Good beer.

How would the next 25 years (1988-2013) in the career of Bruiser Brody have unfolded

Remember back in about 1993 when ECW was fighting for survival, and the transition period where Eddie Gilbert was on the way out, and Paul E. was taking over? The period where the vets (Snuka, Sullivan, Abby, Sheik, etc.) were brought in one after another? I remember Stan Hansen working a few gigs as well…..that seemed like a fit made for Brody. I don’t think he’d fit the late 90s Corporate Structure (Stop and envision Vince McMahon pitching a gimmick to Bruiser Brody……or saying “Hey – we’d like to change your name to ‘Crysty McStiff’ or some s--- like that…..yea – me either). I think a prolonged Japan run, but in reading his autobiography, he was quite astute with his money, and probably would have been in a position to retire before Vince owned everything, so probably not all THAT different with the end of the territories (and his bargaining power). Lots of dream matches would have been possible that weren’t before on the Indy Circuit (Brody vs. Cactus Jack? Brody vs. Sabu? How bout Brody vs. Brock Lesnar)