ECW Title, April 2000

Hi Scott, random question for you.

April 2000, Mike Awesome defects to WCW while holding the ECW title. Heyman makes legal threats, WCW compromises by agreeing for Awesome to drop the title at the next ECW show. Heyman puts the belt on Taz. What was THAT decision all about?

I know by this stage there was a lot of 'arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic' going on in both Atlanta and Philly so nothing would have changed long-term, and it's also common knowledge ECW was being bankrolled by Titan by then, but why did Heyman stick the belt on someone under contract to the WWF? If he had any interest in keeping afloat, literally anyone else would have made more sense. Dreamer? RVD? Sandman? Credible? What's the story?

​A lot of desperation and bad decisions, I guess.  I still don't fully understand Heyman's reasoning behind it, but then it's not like he was known for solid decision-making when it came to his World title in the first place.  ​