Missed opportunity

Seems like the WWE is missing a huge opportunity to get some lapsed WCW fans to subscribe to the Network by not bringing Tony Schivone in to shill for the Network on an episode of Monday Night Raw. Seriously, why not bring Tony in for a couple of matches to blatantly shill for the Network and do a couple of bumper promos about how today is "the greatest day in the history of our sport because WCW Monday Nitro is now on the WWE Network!" "FOR ONLY $9.99!"

Also, doesn't the Cena/Brock feud kind of HAVE to make it to Hell in the Cell? Is there any other match on the WWE horizon big enough to headline that event?

​They could be doing all kinds of fun stuff like that, but they choose not to.  I'm pretty sure they have David Crockett under contract for his talking head stuff and they never use him, either.  
I really don't see Brock working HITC.  They can justify NOC because of the network re-subbing thing, but he's already shown not to make a difference on B-shows otherwise and it's wasting a date they could save for something important.  Their lack of depth and main eventers is probably gonna bite them in the ass, and by extension us, from October to the Rumble.​