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Batista Not Returning to the WWE?

Those close to Batista say that he feels let down and unhappy over the way he was booked in his return to the WWE and may stay away from wrestling in order to do more movies. One source cites that if Batista does return to the WWE, it would be for WrestleMania 31. Batista has also been reported to have expressed interest in a retirement match against HHH but there has now word from the WWE if that is something they plan on doing.

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Kayfabe Commentaries Announces Next Two Installments of Their Timeline Series

1998 ECW as told by New Jack will be released on September 23rd

1981 WWE as told by Rick Martel will be released on October 14th

Highspots Announces 40% Off Sale on All Digital Downloads

The sale ends tonight at Midnight. It includes shoot interviews, independent wrestling shows, ECW fan cams, and more.