Thunder – April 7, 1999

Date: April 7, 1999
Location: Richmond
Coliseum, Richmond, Virginia
Commentators: Mike
Tenay, Larry Zbyszko
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
This is a Wednesday
show for no apparent reason and we now only have a two man booth.
It’s also the go home show for Spring Stampede and we have a main
event as of the last fifteen seconds of Nitro. This is also a taped
show, meaning we’re probably in for a very dull show. Let’s get to

The intro now has the
new logo.
Title: Evan Karagias vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.
Rey is defending of
course. Evan punches him down to start and nails something like a
bulldog for two. Back up and Karagias misses a dropkick, allowing
Rey to drop a dime on the back of his head. A powerslam and
springboard cross body get two each for Evan and we hit the chinlock.
They head outside with Rey being whipped into the barricade before
it’s back inside for chinlock the sequel.
We take a break and
come back with Evan still holding the chinlock. Evan stomps away
even more as the announcers talk about the major matches for Sunday.
Rey finally starts a comeback and ties Evan in the ropes for a top
rope legdrop and two. The springboard hurricanrana is countered into
a powerbomb but Evan gets crotched on the top and hurricanranaed down
for the pin.
Karagias didn’t mean anything yet so this was fine for a TV title
defense. Mysterio was on a roll at this point and a match with a
great opponent like Kidman should make for a great PPV match.
Karagias wasn’t much besides a pretty boy in good shape so it would
take a ridiculous gimmick to draw any interest.
We see Goldberg
knocking himself out by spearing Bret.
We get the announcement
of Sunday’s main event from Nitro.
Video on Nash vs.
Wrath vs. Damien
Tenay tries to build
Wrath up as a title contender and it’s just sad at this point.
Damien gets shoved down a few times before trying a headlock, only to
get shoved away again. Wrath ducks a shoulder to send Damien to the
floor before whipping him into the barricade. Back in and Damien’s
dropkicks have no effect and he runs into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

throws the little guy around and sends him chest first into the
corner ala Bret Hart. Damien tries a rollup but gets knocked back to
the floor and onto the barricade again for his efforts. Back in and
a springboard sunset flip gets two for Damien. A cross body gets the
same but Damien dives into the Death Penalty, followed by the
Meltdown for the pin.
When Damien hits the better spots of a match, you can tell your
career is in trouble. Wrath was on such a roll and it’s a shame that
this is the best he can do anymore. The match was your usual power
man vs. luchador match but neither guy is the best option for that
style of a match.
Konnan with something to say. He runs down Disco a bit before Sunday
so here are Juventud Guerrera and Disco as La Cucaracha. Remember
that one off match from a few weeks back on Nitro that was never
mentioned again? Well it’s being brought up here. Juvy is going to
translate for La Cucaracha and oh dear this is going to be painful.
Konnan sees that it’s Disco but Juvy says Cucaracha is from Cancun.
Cucaracha says something about bring from Brooklyn and the brawl is
on with Konnan quickly clearing the ring. This was worthless.
on Konnan vs. Disco.
Video from Nitro of
Nash challenging Goldberg.
Hardcore Hak vs.
Mikey Whipwreck
is Mikey’s second WCW match to date. They stall a lot to start until
Mikey takes him down by the arm. We actually get some technical
stuff with Hak grabbing a headlock on the mat until Mikey has to get
to the ropes. That’s enough of that as Hak sends him out to the
floor where Chastity can rake his eyes. Mikey comes back with a
Russian legsweep to send Hak into the barricade. Back inside and
Mikey hits a top rope clothesline for two and we take a break.
come back with Mikey down on the floor and being whipped into the
barricade. Hak misses a slingshot legdrop back inside so Mikey hits
a slingshot Fameasser across the bottom rope for two. Whipwreck puts
him in the Tree of Woe and baseball slides a chair into his face.
With Hak stunned, Mikey goes to the middle rope but misses a spinning
dive. Hak drapes him across the top rope and hits a top rope
Fameasser of his own. A slingshot legdrop onto a chair onto Mikey’s
face has Hak limping as hs calls for a Singapore cane. Mikey
intercepts it and hammers away, only to get caught in the White
Russian legsweep for the pin.
For ECW, because that’s all this was. It was an ECW style match with
ECW wrestlers who even had a history back in ECW. I didn’t want to
watch ECW back in 1999, I don’t want to watch ECW now, and I
certainly don’t want to watch ECW in WCW. At least ECW had Joey
Styles to get on my nerves by thinking he was a radio announcer and
calling EVERY SINGLE MOVE in the match because he thought we didn’t
know what an Irish whip was without being told.
Bigelow runs out post
match and beats up Hak.
This Week In WCW
Scott Steiner video.
Calo vs. Blitzkrieg
quick dropkick puts Blitzkrieg down and Calo dances a bit. He stops
long enough to missile dropkick Blitzkrieg to the floor where Calo
hits a dropkick through the ropes. Calo dives out to the floor to
take Blitzkrieg out again before throwing him back inside. Back in
and Calo cranks on the arm but gets rolled up for two.
Blitzkrieg comes back
with a dropkick of his own to send Calo out to the floor, followed by
a BIG flip dive with Blitzkrieg landing on his feet. A standing
moonsault gets two for Blitzkrieg but he gets dropkicked into the
corner. Calo cranks on a chinlock to get a breather before missing a
charge into the post. He gets back up but gets crotched on top,
allowing Blitzkrieg to almost entirely miss a Phoenix Splash (his arm
grazed Calo’s chest) for the pin.
I’m still waiting on Blitzkrieg to blow my mind and I get the feeling
I’m going to be waiting forever. The flip dive while landing on his
feet was cool but it’s nothing I haven’t seen done before. On the
other hand though, the splash at the end was just laughable and it
was clear that the camera did as much as it could to hide it. Either
that or they thought there was something to looking at the bottom of
Calo’s boots.
Video on Benoit/Malenko
vs. Raven/Saturn.
Chris Benoit vs.
should be good. Benoit rips off Raven’s leather jacket to start and
then takes Raven’s head off with a clothesline. He bends Raven over
his knee in a backbreaker before sending Raven outside for some cheap
shots from Anderson. Back in and Benoit charges into two boots in
the corner to give Raven an opening. Raven hits what we would call
Three Amigos for two but has to escape a Crossface attempt.
take a break and come back with Raven driving Benoit back first into
the buckle. Chris takes him down by the leg and cannonballs down on
it in true Flair style. Raven leverages him out to the floor and
throws in a chair to make this more comfortable. He can’t hit a
bulldog though and gets slammed head first onto the chair. Benoit
goes up for the Swan Dive but only hits the chair to put both guys
down. They both get up but Anderson comes in for the DQ, because a
chair doesn’t mean anything anymore.
This was the usual good brawl between these two, even if the ending
really doesn’t make sense. The tag match on Sunday should be good,
though the Horsemen costing Raven and Saturn the titles on Monday
doesn’t hold up. Hopefully they’re given some time to make things
match Saturn comes in to go after Anderson but Malenko saves his
mentor. The Horsemen dominate and given Raven and Saturn a DDT and
DVD respectfully. Anderson says this is on the fans’ hands.
on the four way from Monday.
TV Title: Chris
Jericho vs. Booker T.
is defending. Before the match Jericho says Richmond, West Virginia
is one of his favorite towns. A fan holds up a Booker T. Hug Me sign
and gets her wish in a nice moment. Booker takes him into the corner
to start before grabbing a headlock. Jericho fires off some quick
elbows to escape and we’re already at a stalemate. The Canadian
elbows out of an armbar and nails a shoulder. Booker comes back with
a side kick and we’re right back into the armbar.
announcers mention Steiner vs. Booker for the first time tonight as
Booker clotheslines Jericho to the floor. Chris tries to walk out
but gets whipped into the barricade for his efforts. They head back
in, only to have Jericho get backdropped out to the floor. This time
it’s Booker being sent into the barricade though for his first real
advantage. A top rope elbow sets up the Arrogant Cover for two.
Jericho drops a backsplash and we hit the chinlock.
up and Jericho sends him into the corner but gets rolled up for two.
Jericho nails a spinwheel kick of his own but stops to pose instead
of covering. He goes up but dives into a boot, allowing Booker to
hit the ax kick and 110th
Street Slam for two. The referee gets bumped, allowing Scott Steiner
to come out and hit Booker with a chair. This brings out Stevie Ray
to slap jack Jericho for some reason, giving Booker the pin.
Ok so this was Jericho’s final WCW match. It wasn’t bad and I liked
it better than Monday’s but it’s still a shell of what Jericho used
to be. I really hope Booker doesn’t get swallowed up in the NWO
nonsense as he’s one of the few people that has been able to stay
fresh by avoiding the whole thing.
This was a nice surprise as the taped Thunders are usually the bane
of my existence. The wrestling was good enough and they did enough
to promote Spring Stampede. There were still far too many videos and
recaps but at least there was enough stuff here to keep me
entertained for a few hours.
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