Lex in 95

If Lex had stayed put in WWE in the fall of 95, what was in the cards fot him? Obviously a feud with a heel British Bulldog would have been on the list, but would he have been pushed any harder? It would seem he would put Bulldog over since Bulldog was in world title matches with Diesel and later Bret Hart.  Was there any salvaging his character by that point? Lex deserved better in my opinion. Who could blame hin for leaving?   Also in your opinion could Lex have been a better option than Nash to beat Backlund? 

​Clearly Lex was checked out and done by that point, and watching those RAW shows week to week right now, I don't blame him.  He was booked like s--- and clearly Vince had given up on him.  There's no clear idea of what Lex was going to be doing, but putting over Bulldog seems obvious. I don't think there was any saving the character by that point, they had already got whatever mileage they were going to get out of the Made in the USA deal and once the Allied Powers choked, AGAIN, against Yokowen, he was dead in the water.  
As for the second question, ANYONE was a better option to beat Backlund.  Luger might even have drawn a little bit if they had put him on top at the end of 94.  ​