RF Video On the Road with Raven

This was filmed in December 2006.

This is a two-disc set, totaling at two hours and fifty-eight minutes long

It is conducted by Rob Feinstein and Doug Gentry, in his last on camera appearance before he passed away. The poor guy looked sick too. A graphic for him is on the screen before the interview.

The disc starts with Raven on a shopping spree in New Hope, PA. He is walking around with some girl, who has one fine set of tits but a busted face, then walks into the “Witch Shop.” They talk about the Nip/Tuck season finale and some other TV shows before leaving.

He then talks to someone about his new character (the leader of the Serotonin stable) and how he wears a white suit. He then talks about meeting people at DragonCon and wants something that looks like it would hurt if it hit you but not too bad. He then wants Gentry to come over and be his guinea pig. Raven shoots the s--- for several more minutes with the guys from the shop. He looks at various swords and masks along with other weapons. This is going on for far too long and is not at all interesting to me. The only thing remotely entertaining was Raven ragging on Feinstein and Gentry.

We are now shown Raven being picked up at the airport in Baltimore, MD on 12/28/06 as he heads to a show for Maryland Championship Wrestling. Raven then talks in the car about how the people in Philadelphia are bigger deviants than those in New York City and how Howard Stern said the same thing. Raven then calls Baltimore the ghetto version of Philly. Gentry talks about how he used to sell flowers as Raven seems interested and they talk about some notoriously perverted guy who used to pay boys to s--- in their underwear and take it home with him and how Gentry sold him his socks for $10 when the guy offered to buy them and then heard that he would pay kids to go to the bathroom in his house.

Still in the car, Raven talks about falling in the trap of using drugs to be cool and how he wanted to be Keith Richards. He then says that there comes a time when you have to grow up once he realized that and stopped using. Raven then talks about Bob Evans after they pass it on the road and how he eats their pancakes with honey.

Raven then talks on his phone to his mechanic about having problems with his tires. They finally arrive to the arena as Raven wants to go to Bob Evans at some point. He is backstage as the camera work is too shaky to see who else is there.

We now see Raven get checked out by the Maryland State Athletic Commission. They take his vital signs as the old guy who is in charge talks about how Smackdown was in town recently and saw guys like Sgt. Slaughter and Dusty Rhodes but forgot everyone else. To say this guy’s memory was gone is an understatement. The doctor then makes Raven do a sobriety test as Raven fucks around for a minute before taking it seriously.

Raven goes backstage and eats his food that he brought along from the Atlanta airport. Feinstein comments how it smells like s--- as Raven responds by saying that it smells like Feinstein’s mom. Guys on the show like Jeff Jones and Danny Doring walk by and say hi for a bit.

Doring then comes back and talks with Raven for a bit as Feinstein asks Raven about his opponent tonight, Nick Berk. They then talk about the ex-boyfriend of an ECW rat who is here and how he invested the boys money. Raven asks Doring about Chetti and learned that his wife became pregnant with their 5th child the day after he got a vasectomy. He also said that Chetti told his wife that he got a $1,500 bonus for Christmas and she ended up giving him $300 and keeping the rest. Doring then talks about how he told Chetti not to worry about the 5th kid because in the next ten years he will found out that he had fathered six or seven more.

Feinstein is now with Nick Berk, who is pumped about wrestling Raven tonight. They then meet for the first time briefly as Raven heads over to his gimmick table past all of the fans at the event as there still Christmas decorations up with KC and the Sunshine Band playing in the background. Raven signs some autographs and is not exactly the friendliest guy while doing so as he seems annoyed when fans request a picture. 90% of the fans are obese and wearing hooded sweatshirts and glasses. Raven seems to warm up a tad to the fans near the end. He did insist one fan get an extra picture after she gave him extra money and when she refused, he gave it to a kid. Some guy who claims to sell wrestling merchandise at a flea market attempts to cut a deal with him as Raven said he will talk to him later. Raven briefly comments on the covers on Women’s Wrestling matches.

After leaving the gimmick table, Raven heads up to the locker room and talks with Berk. Raven comments on how he looks like George Hamilton with his mustache and how he has to rent “Love at First Bite.” Berk then comments on how he recently was on WWE TV portraying Michael Richards in a skit. MCW owner Dan McDevitt comes out and says that Tom Brandi will not be here as he had a part of the show as Raven and McDevitt talk about the past and how Raven would like to work here in the future. McDevitt then wants Berk to fill the role of Brandi and they go through the segment as a girl walks by dressed as a slutty elf. Raven learns that his match was not advertised and how he got the spot right before first intermission. Raven then suggests how to make the segment better and he ends up schooling them both with his knowledge. The owner is actually incorporating his real-life divorce into the story. Raven stresses to let the heels get the heat as several other wrestlers on the show stand around and listen to Raven lay out how to do the segment and says that the heel shouldnt be too funny in bringing up the divorce as the fans will laugh and how they should say things to make the fans feel uncomfortable so he still maintains his heel heat. Raven then walks Berk through on what to do that will make the segment work. Chasity comes out and chills with Raven for a bit and looks great to be honest. Raven then talks to Berk after everyone else leaves and asks if he gets were he is coming from. Berk responds by saying that he listens to Opie & Anthony and how they are offensive and uses that style but Raven reminds him how this audience listens to that stuff so they will not be offended. Raven then suggests to study tapes of Jim Cornette and Paul Heyman when they were in WCW. Raven is teaching these guys a lot and just does a great job of it to be honest. The WWE would really benefit from him in NXT but that is never going to happen.

Raven is now getting dressed and asks the owner if he can go on after the intermission so it gets more time and so he can stretch for a bit. He then talks some more about the segment and how the heel should “pat him on the back then shove it up his ass.” Raven closes the disc by alerting everyone that he has to take a s---.


We leave off with Raven still in the locker room. He then gets a Bob Evans delivery and shares it with Doring, who jokes about how he learned a lot from who he traveled with. For instance, he learned from Raven on what to eat and also learned to wear a rubber with your wife from Chris Chetti and not tell your wife that you got a Christmas bonus.

Berk talks to Raven about how he talked to him when he was in ECW. Raven then talks to Doring about Francine and how she claims to be in love with her boyfriend as Doring doesn’t believe her. Raven then says that he believes it is real as she can tell it in her voice. He then asks Doring if he ever got with her and he said that Francine told him that she was told who not to talk with.

Doring and Raven then talk about masturbating and it is a pretty funny conversation to be honest. Its all just shooting the s--- stuff but actually entertaining, unlike Raven in the shops of New Hope, PA. Doring is always hysterical in shoot interviews.

Raven then tells Berk again that being funny kills heel heat and to not think funny when he interrupts the owner’s speech but rather think mean. He even suggests some lines to him as they finish up talking as Berk thanks him. Again, Raven did a tremendous job giving advice.

After some more bullshitting, Raven heads backstage in the gorilla position and stretches as McDevitt and Berk have their confrontation. He then talks with Chasity and Jeff Jones and after a few minutes, peaks through the curtain and a few minutes after that, Raven is introduced and he runs in and clotheslines Berk, wrestling as a character called Nicky Benz, to the floor. Raven then cuts a promo before beating the crap out of him outside of the ring. They have their match, which isnt anything special, and Raven wins that. He limps to the back then talks to McDevitt in the locker room about how he should have not pulled the microphone away from Berk as it turns to a pissing contest and it hurts his sympathy a bit but most importantly, it kills the tension as the heel should be in control of his own segment and that is why there were two microphones. This is Raven offering constructive criticism and not being a dick. Overall, Raven puts over the segment and said it made the crowd sympathetic towards the face.

Raven then teaches Berk some more and how the heel needs to build heat so the face can make the big comeback. He says that when the face is on the ground set up, attack them. Raven talks about how as a heel, you need to be good enough that when you show ass, people still think you are a prick. Berk then thanks Raven for all he has taught him.

Final Thoughts: To begin, this was a documentary, not a shoot interview. No questions were really asked to Raven and he was filmed the entire time during his normal daily routine. The only stories provided were from Danny Doring as he ragged on Chris Chetti. The beginning with him at the shops was tedious but watching him at the show and seeing him shoot the s--- backstage, interact with fans, and teach others about wrestling was fantastic. It was all raw footage and very, very interesting to watch. It doesnt make for an interesting recap to read though.

Raven really stood out here with his wrestling knowledge. He was teaching everyone and not in a condescending way either. Watching and listening him explain his reasons on how something will and will not work was something else. Also, watching an indy show from behind the scenes is about as dreary as you would expect. From the venue to the talent, it was sad at times.

Another problem was that the sound quality was rough as it was hard to listen when Raven was shopping and when he was backstage waiting for his cue to come out to the ring. The camera work was shaky at times too. However, I do recommend this shoot as the footage of Raven at the show is worth watching. My recommendation is to skip until he reaches the venue as everything else is dull. Luckily, a majority of the shoot takes place at the show.

You can purchase the video at RFVideo.com, who has a sale lasting through tomorrow for 25% off shoot interviews.


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