NXT – August 28, 2014

Date: August 28, 2014
Location: Full Sail
University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Rich
Brennan, Alex Riley, Jason Albert
Reviewed by Tommy Hall

We’ve got something to
look forward to now with Takeover II just a few weeks away. All of
the titles will be on the line but the champions need some
challengers. As for tonight, the main story is the debut of the new
General Manager to replace JBL who left for undisclosed reasons.
Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.
vs. ???/???
If the jobbers have
names they weren’t mentioned. Fans: “LET’S GO JOBBERS!” Konor
runs over Jobber #1 with a shoulder before Viktor launches #2 in over
the top rope. Fall of Man ends #2 at 1:06.
Post match Ascension
says the tournament ends next week and they’ll find their latest
victims. Konor says they will rise.
The new General Manager
is……WILLIAM REGAL! He says he’s been here since the beginning
and as his first action, he’s going to name the main event of
Takeover II. First up though, he’d like Adrian Neville to come down
to the ring. Neville congratulates him on his new job and asks who’s
next. Fans: “GOLDBERG! GOLDBERG!” Regal is about to announce
the opponent but Tyson Kidd (in a Mike Tyson hoodie) interrupts. 

accepts the title shot but before Regal can confirm it, here’s Tyler
Breeze to interrupt as well. Breeze: “Are you serious? This uggo?
Everyone deserves a title shot before him. EVEN HIS WIFE!” This
brings out Sami Zayn to say that he deserves the shot above Kidd and
Breeze. Neville wants to face all of them because this is NXT.
Regal approves and we have a main event.

After a break, Regal
makes Zayn/Neville vs. Kidd/Breeze for tonight.
Banks vs. Bayley
We immediately get the
best chant ever: “BAYLEY’S GONNA HUG YOU!” Sasha sends her into
the buckle to start and drops Bayley with a knee to the ribs. We hit
the chinlock and get yet another awesome chant of “LET’S GO BAYLEY!
CENA SUCKS!” Back up and Sasha chokes away in the corner, only to
walk into the Belly to Bayley for the pin at 3:16.
C-. The match wasn’t much but
it’s hard to not like Bayley. She’s got this sweet innocence about
her and it’s like watching an eight year old in an adult’s body. The
awesome belly to belly helps as well as it makes her almost like
Eugene: she’s so happy to be here but can be deadly when she gets the
says she’s like kitten stuck on a branch that tells you to hang in
there. She’s going to turn her dream into a reality and win the
Women’s Title at Takeover. This brings out Charlotte to say that she
would laugh at a kitten stuck on a branch. She tells Bayley to stick
to hugs because she’s going to destroy her at Takeover. Bayley
doesn’t want a hug (Fans: GASP!) because she’s going to take the
championship. Charlotte leaves and says she warned her.
Dempsey vs. Angelo Dawkins
Dawkins is still a
nerd. Dempsey takes him into the corner to start and drops a bunch
of elbows for two. Some knees to the ribs have Dawkins in trouble as
this is totally one sided. Dawkins gets in some jobber offense
before the Bulldozer gets the pin at 2:50.
The Legionnaires laugh
about shaving Enzo’s beard and speak a lot of French.
Kidd/Tyler Breeze vs. Sami Zayn/Adrian Neville
Neville and Breeze get
things going with the champion grabbing the arm for early control.
Adrian and Sami start cranking on the arm until Sami stays in for a
wristlock. Neville uses Sami’s back for a corkscrew splash and the
heels bail to the floor. Kidd comes back in but it’s Breeze
superkicking Neville as we take a break. Back with Kidd getting
covered for two before Kidd puts on a chinlock.
Breeze comes in again
and stomps on the champion before putting on a chinlock of his own.
Kidd gets the tag but Neville dropkicks the knee out, setting up the
hot tag to Sami. Everything breaks down and Zayn cross bodies both
opponents down at the same time. A Michinoku Driver gets two on
Breeze but Kidd fights out of the Blue Thunder Bomb and gets two off
a DDT.
Sami suplexes Breeze
into the buckle and crawls over to Adrian for the slightly cooler
tag. A dropkick followed by a standing shooting star gets two on
Breeze. There’s a kick to the gorgeous head but Breeze breaks up the
Red Arrow. Sami accidentally kicks Neville off the top but the heels
argue over who comes in. The Blue Thunder Bomb plants Breeze and
Kidd pins Neville at 9:58.
B-. Oh man the fourway is going
to be awesome. Sami could still pull off the big win but any of the
other three are solid options as well. They’ve built Neville up
enough so that the pin on him is going to mean something. This was a
good tag match with the ending setting up a few more stories for the
main event of the big show. Good stuff.
gives Kidd the Helluva Kick post match and holds up the title to end
the show.
B. This is the kind of
show that NXT has been needing for a long time. It was the kind of
fun that I’ve been missing from this promotion and it made me want to
see the Takeover show more than ever. The main event is going to
rock and Bayley winning the title could be amazing. Really fun show
this week that flew by.

Ascension b. ???/??? –
Fall of Man
Bayley b. Sasha Banks –
Belly to Bayley
Bull Dempsey b. Angelo
Dawkins – Bulldozer
Tyson Kidd/Tyler Breeze
b. Adrian Neville/Sami Zayn – Kidd pinned Neville after a kick from
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