Monday Night Wars

So I'm watching The Monday Night War, episode two in specific, and I can't help but feel grateful that Vince went into wrestling instead of world domination because MAN does that guy know how to do propaganda. I had gotten used to the line of "WCW was competitive because they stole WWE guys" but hearing them now take it a step further and say it's because the WCW fans were actually just WWE fans and they were glad to see the superior WWE guys come in and beat up the inferior WCW guys…mindblown. The most interesting part about it is that you listen to Vince talk, you see the decisions he's made since buying WCW, and you just have to know that it's how he really believes it happened. Is there any hope that Trips isn't as insane as Vince and that some of this will get better when he takes over?

​I dunno, but holy shit did that second episode kind of go off the rails already.  Hall and Nash were apparently carrying the WWF through 1995 and everyone thought of Randy Savage as a washed up 80s star?  At least the documentary DVDs sort of TRIED to be a version of the truth.