BoD Daily Update

WWE Concerned About John Cena’s Future?

Over the past several weeks, Cena has been dealing with a shoulder injury. Also, Cena has been dealing with neck pain and there is a real concern within the WWE as the company has noticed that he is not moving around as well as he used. And, if Cena’s acting career takes off while is injuries mount, there is a concern that he will leave the company and choose Hollywood as an alternative.

Batista Update

There are many people within the WWE that feel since Batista’s chances of returning as a full-time performer are decreasing. The original thought was that he would be returning once his media obligations for the film “Guardians of the Galaxy” were finished but those people saying that have been changing their tune as of late.

WWE Tag Team Turning Heel?

There is a belief among those in the company that Goldust & Stardust will be turning heel in the next few weeks.