The SmarK Rant for Monday Night RAW–03.27.95

The SmarK Rant for Monday Night RAW – 03.27.95 Taped from Stockton, CA Your hosts are Jim Ross & Gorilla Monsoon, so I guess this is a repackage of the Sunday Night Slam show? And why not show THAT in between the 3/20 show and this one? I know the people putting this network together aren’t actually paying that much attention, but GEEZ. This is actually the kind of thing people are complaining about. Vince McMahon and Todd preview Wrestlemania, recapping the Diesel v. Shawn storyline and then the LT v. Bigelow one. Hey, and then Jarrett v. Razor as well, as the entire first 2/3 of the show is WM previews. No Holds Barred: Bret Hart v. Owen Hart So they meet again for the first time for the last time! Bret attacks and hammers away in the corner to start, then tosses him and beats him up on the floor as well. And we go back to the dressing room, but this isn’t 1998 so Bret hauls him right back to the ring again. Back in, Bret pounds away on the ropes, but Owen drops him with a cheapshot and PULLS DOWN THE STRAPS. Oh, it’s on now! Owenzuigiri gets two. He tosses Bret and runs him into the railing, and we take a break. Back with Owen holding a chinlock, and he hangs Bret in the Tree of Woe and pulls the turnbuckle off the other corner. The ref helps Bret down, and that triggers a RAGE in Gorilla, because he f------ hates referees who interfere with the wrestlers. Bret reverses Owen into the exposed turnbuckle and drops an elbow for two. Backbreaker gets two. A NASTY piledriver gets two. Owen blocks the Sharpshooter with the old eyepoke and runs Bret into the exposed turnbuckle, which gives his usual bump a double whammy of awesome. Owen to the top, but Bret sidesteps the missile dropkick and slingshots him into the turnbuckle in a fantastic sequence, before putting him away with the Sharpshooter at 14:15. Had the done this at Wrestlemania instead of Bret-Backlund, it would have stolen the show. ***3/4 Next week: The fallout from Wrestlemania, as Shawn’s luck goes from bad to worse! Edit:  Here’s the WM Countdown version of 11 if you want to relive it before the next live show: