The PG Era Rant: Raw, 08.25.14

The PG Era Rant for Raw, August 25,
Your Raw Preview:
  • Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Shawn
    Michaels host a Hall of Fame Forum.
  • John Cena and Bray Wyatt meet in a
    WrestleMania rematch.
  • Seth Rollins will deliver a eulogy
    to Dean Ambrose.
  • Brie and Nikki Bella attempt to
    hash out their family differences.
  • The Usos face the Brotherhood for
    the Tag Team Championships.
Live from Anaheim, CA.
Your hosts are loud, old, and

Michael Cole is in the ring to bring in
the panelists for the Hall of Fame Forum – Hogan, Flair, and
Michaels. HASHTAG! The topic is John Cena against Brock Lesnar,
both SummerSlam’s match and Night of Champions’ Rematch. Shawn is
asked about Cena’s chances. He says it ain’t happening. He
elaborates: there’s a time when someone reaches the crossroads, and
that’s where Cena is. Maybe Cena should walk away. Hogan says
everyone knows it’s their time, and Cena isn’t done yet – he can
still go. Flair is asked what he thinks – he hinted he agreed with
Shawn. He clarifies that, hey, Cena’s a great wrestler, a 15-time
champ, the Franchise… but seriously, against Brock? No.
Cole asks Hogan to pick a winner.
Hogan says he’s good friends with Cena and that
Hustle/Loyalty/Respect is really his thing. Hogan will root for
Cena. Flair: “Whoa, I like him too!” Shawn makes it clear that
this isn’t about popularity. Hogan, though, remembers Extreme Rules
2012: Cena won that. Michaels jumps in and emphasizes the beating
Cena took. Hogan returns with “yeah, but he won”. This is the
rubber match, and Hogan believes in Cena. Michaels says no one
believes it – not even Hogan.
Before this argument gets too heated,
John Cena himself arrives. Michaels and Hogan stand out of respect,
but Flair doesn’t. He says everyone has an opinion on Cena –
what’s next? What’s he thinking? Everyone has something to say about
him, but now he has to
say something. Cena tries to milk a chant, but the crowd wants to
hear him. Cena has respect for all three Hall of Famers – he’s
friends with Shawn, partied with Flair, and been influenced by Hogan.
he’s sick of other people talking for him. He’s going to say what’s
happening right now. Yeah, he got suplexed into a pulp at
SummerSlam, and no way to get around – he got 100% mugged. But as
Shawn said, a fight like that changes a man. He had no hesitation –
he wanted to fight Brock Lesnar again. Yeah, Shawn doesn’t get it;
why go at it again? Are you crazy?
because it won’t happen again. He’ll bring the fight this time. He
knows about the Hall of Famers’ doubts. This match, though, is his
biggest rematch. He’s not there to beat Brock Lesnar; he’s there to
beat his ass. And with that, he leaves. That’s the last word.
Cena faces Bray Wyatt! The Tag Team Titles are on the line! But
next, Rusev against Jack Swagger, one last time!
After last week’s recap and the
replies to it, I’ll paraphrase Chris Rock: I don’t agree with Brock
Lesnar as WWE Champion right now. But I am saying I understand.
Rusev v. Jack Swagger.
WE THE SQUASH VICTIMS! Please, WWE, prove me pessimistic. Zeb
Colter is still recovering. It’s a slugfest to start, but Rusev
works the ribs as JBL keeps the hate on. Swagger with a back elbow,
sending Rusev out of the ring. Back in, Swagger keeps up the attack
in the corner. Swagger with a double-leg and he tries the Ankle
Lock, but Rusev scrambles to the ropes and bails. WE THE PEOPLE!
Back in, Swagger with an amateur takedown and he holds the ride.
Rusev bails again, but this time Swagger follows and sends Rusev into
the table. Rusev eats apron, and back in, it’s an avalanche
clothesline. Cole yells at JBL as Swagger works over Rusev in the
corner. Rusev catches Swagger and hangs him up on the ropes, driving
him out of the ring ribs-first as we go to break.
I cannot emphasize this enough: let
this end with Swagger beating the tar out of JBL. Or, rather, ANYONE
beating the tar out of JBL. He’s too busy getting himself over to
get the Superstars over, and that’s when an announcer stops being
effective. It’s what Ventura did right, what Cole did wrong when he
was a heel, and what Heenan did right.
Rusev/Swagger, part two.
Rusev has a bearhug as a WE THE PEOPLE chant rings out. Swagger
fights out, but runs into a spin kick from Rusev. Rusev points to
the Russian flag for heel heat, but he takes too long as Swagger gets
a belly-to-belly. Comeback begins with a clothesline and running
knee, then a big boot. He points to Old Glory for face heat, then
it’s a Vaderbomb… but Rusev tries to block it! But Swagger’s
ready, and he gets the Ankle Lock! Rusev is yanked to the center of
the ring, with Rusev biting his hand to stop tapping. Rusev slides
under the ropes for a break, then bails. Swagger follows to the
outside as the crowd gets into it. Rusev sends Swagger into the
apron, twice. Swagger rolls in, and Rusev follows, hobbling to
Swagger as it’s Crush time. But Swagger reverses to the Ankle Lock
again! He turns it into a jack-knife cover, getting a close two.
Crowd was ready for that. Rusev with a kick to the ribs to send
Swagger down. He kicks the back of Swgger in the corner, pounding on
Swagger as the ref checks if he can continue. Rusev taunts Swagger,
who yells “WE THE PEOPLE” at him. That brings more punishment.
He keeps kicking the back as the ref keeps checking in. Crowd tries
to rally Swagger as the ref shows concern. He stomps on the ribs in
the ropes as the ref keeps checking in, as Lana finds this hilarious.
A kick to the ribs from a standing start follows, then more stomping
until the ref calls the match off and awards it to Rusev at 12:34.
So Swagger isn’t Rocky, but Apollo. Got it. **1/4
Swagger keeps saying he’s fine on the outside.
tonight, Jerry Lawler will attempt to get the Bella sisters back on
the same page! Plus, RVD faces Cesaro, winner gets Sheamus for the
US Title at some point in the future!
he jobs, he jobs.
the doctors are checking out Swagger’s ribs when Bo Dallas pays a
visit to rub it in. Jack let his country down again. He needs to Bo
Lieve. Swagger really doesn’t wanna hear it.
#1 Contenders Match for the
United States Title: Cesaro (in the ring) v. Rob Van Dam.

Sheamus is on commentary, and he says he has no preference for who
he faces because they’ll both be good opponents. HASHTAG! Cesaro
with a right hand after some dancing around, then he strikes away.
Uppercut and he waves to Sheamus. RVD flips over on a backdrop
attempt and gets a superkick and Rolling Thunder for one. Cesaro
blocks a kick and drives knees into RVD’s gut. A straight right and
he taunts Sheamus again before jumping on RVD’s neck. He guillotines
RVD on the bottom rope, getting two. Cravate-type headlock follows,
then a kick to the head getting one. Back to the cravate. RVD gets
up, avoiding a blind charge and getting the high kick and
split-legged moonsault for two. Cesaro catches RVD on a leapfrog,
but RVD escapes and gets a springboard kick. To the top, but Cesaro
rolls away to the outside before the jump. Cesaro drapes RVD on the
top rope, and back in, the Neutralizer ends it at 3:34. 3/4*
If the match is going to be that short, it should be more decisive.
Cesaro grabs the title at ringside and admires it before throwing it
back at Sheamus. Cesaro wants to get Sheamus mad, but Sheamus would
rather save it for the match.
week, it’s Attitude Week on the WWE Network! 9.99! RAWs from the
Attitude Era! The first ever Nitros! Monday Night Wars mini-series
begins! 9.99! All PPVs! 9.99! Royal Rumble!
up: John Cena faces Bray Wyatt! But up next, Paige!
don’t get it. If you’re going to put Cesaro over RVD, whose only
value is that a win over him still means something, and the match
will only last 3 minutes, make it a big win. This was kind of
underwhelming in the long run.
look back at last week, when Natalya stole one from Paige with “help”
from AJ Lee.
Natalya v. Paige.
is non-title, because how many times do you have to beat the champ
before getting a title shot anyway? We get replays of SummerSlam.
Natalya with a quick cradle for one, but Paige begs off only to land
a forearm shiver. Paige skips around before headbutting Natalya
repeatedly. To the abdominal stretch (no toe hook), which goes on a
while. Natalya reverses it (and she hooks the toe), but Paige
escapes and gets a snapmare. Paige with a kick, but she runs into a
Natalya forearm blow and German suplex. Sharpshooter try, but Paige
grabs the apron to break. Paige trips Natalya and tries for the PTO,
but Natalya reverses to try the Sharpshooter, but Paige fights out of
that, too. Paige Turner connects for the pin at 2:54. 1/2*
now AJ Lee appears, smiling as always and skipping to the ring, where
Paige retreats… into a discus clothesline from Natalya. Now AJ
enters the ring as the crowd is so enthused by this they chant for CM
Punk. She helps Paige up and has a mic, telling “[her] little
English muffin” that she’s sincere to Paige… then hugs her.
Paige’s “what in god’s name is this crap” look says it all.
Crowd ignores all this and chants for CM Punk. AJ then takes Paige’s
hand and kisses it. Crowd approves. Paige doesn’t.
to come, John Cena faces Bray Wyatt! But up next, Seth Rollins
eulogizes Dean Ambrose!
so AJ Lee is performing quasi-lesbian antics towards Paige and the
crowd indicates they’d rather have CM Punk show up. It’s their right
to do so, admittedly; the question is, is it fair to AJ, the top face
Diva, to be nothing more than a vessel for someone else to be chanted
for in a way that cannot be paid off?
Kane is out now. He is the first speaker at this eulogy. It’s not
about mourning, he says; it’s a celebration of the future of WWE.
That would be Seth Rollins… and here he comes. Seth fakes tears as
the crowd tries a You Sold Out chant.
reminds us he led the Shield, and that he hand-picked Dean Ambrose to
be in the Shield. Ambrose had no pain threshold and no sense of
fear. But last week, Rollins had to prove the Authority always wins,
and Dean was the victim. So let’s see what happened last week in a
match the fans chose. Seth gets emotional watching the footage…
no, just kidding, he’s laughing. He asks fans to imagine the moment
of impact on Ambrose. What was going through Dean’s mind at the
time? Did he know he was in over his head in every facet of the
game? It’s no secret that those cinderblocks were there on purpose.
But it’s also no secret that Ambrose’s eternal migraine wasn’t an
accident. Ambrose’s career can be summed up in two words: “What
didn’t Ambrose know his place? Why didn’t he recognize Rollins’
superiority? Why didn’t he walk away? We’ll never know, and that’s
a real tragedy, because it’s clear we’ll never see Dean Ambrose
again. Rollins created the Shield, and he destroyed it.
yeah? Roman Reigns may have something to say about that. He jumps
over the railing and catches a charging Kane, sending him into the
steps. No one is standing between Reigns and Rollins, and the fight
destroys the eulogy set. Reigns tosses Rollins into the podium, then
rams the podium into Rollins’ face. Rollins avoids one clothesline,
but not another, but Kane drags Rollins away before the Spear can
hit. Rollins and Kane retreat from the ring.
a look at the Hall of Fame forum from earlier.
Cena will face Bray Wyatt tonight!
is excited about regaining their titles. Destiny calls out, and
Stardust can hear it. The stars are aligned in a way that may never
happen again. It’s their night to become champions! It’ll be a
cataclysmic eruption of a galaxy. And you’ll never forget the names.
That’s next!
of unfair to Roman Reigns to put him in there. The crowd
understandably wanted Dean Ambrose to appear since he’s had a history
of appearing out of nowhere, and this was set up for another such
appearance. It doesn’t say Reigns is failing; it just says he was a
square peg in this segment.
WWE Tag Team Championships: The
Usos (champions) v. Goldust and Stardust (challengers).

Needless to say, HASHTAG! Usos’ reign is at 25 weeks. Star and
Jimmy start, and Star gets a quick cradle for two. Jimmy returns in
kind. Jey in with a leaping forearm, and Jimmy returns to drop an
axhandle on the arm. Star corners Jimmy and punches away, working
the arm with elbows and getting one. Jimmy with a forearm, but Star
slides under a backrop, bows, and tosses Jimmy. Gold and Star with
twin sentons off the apron to the Usos, and back in, Star gets two.
He tags Gold in as we go to break.
of a quiet start to this match. Fans aren’t into it right now –
hopefully it picks up. I trust these teams.
#TagTitles, part two. Star
has a chinlock on Jimmy, who elbows out and gets a Dragon Whip. Star
lariats Jimmy, and Gold gets two. Gold with an armbar. JBL says
this is the first time in a long time we’ve had two sets of brothers
going for the tag titles. Both Gold and Jimmy go for crossbodies,
leading to a double KO. Star and Jey both in, and Jey goes nuts with
the hot tag segment. Running dropkick by Jey to Star, then the
Rikishi hip check. Gold enters and gets hit with a Samoan Drop. Jey
with a running plancha to Star… but his knee gives out on the
landing. Star knocks him down and rolls in before the count at 7:33.
*1/4 BUT
WAIT! Gold doesn’t want it like that and accuses Jey of getting
counted out on purpose. So let’s do it again! The Usos cite the
injury… and the Brotherhood attacks! Star throws Jimmy out of the
ring, and the duo work over Jey’s knee with Star tossing it into the
tonight, Jerry Lawler will try to get the sisters to make up (and
maybe kiss)! But up next, Brock Lesnar has things to say!
Goldust was one of the most influential characters of the mid-1990s.
If they let him do what he does best, this will make their rematch
red hot. But what of Stardust? Can Cody keep up? It’s clear this
will lead to Cody being the star of the two – or it should – so
you need to make him the emphasis. You have my intrigue.
Seth Rollins is demanding SOMETHING be done about Roman Reigns
sticking his nose in Authority business. What they did to Dean, they
can do to Roman. Kane says, yes, that’s it. We’ll do the match
again – but this time, it’s a handicap match: Roman Reigns against
Rollins/Kane. It ends tonight.
for a sit-down with Brock Lesnar, who says he has conquered and that
his win was the biggest deal since he came back. He gave Cena a
chance to stay down, but Cena’s never-give-up (bleep) steps in…
which did Cena no favors. The only reason Cena survived (per Heyman)
is that Brock decided to end it early.
for the rematch, Brock is humiliated by the very concept of a
rematch. How dare you, John! Do you realize how unrepentant Brock
is? Heyman may respect Cena and be a fan, but this is a mistake.
Brock claims that John Sr. lied to Cena. Little Johnny, some day you
will run into someone who will keep knocking you down, and one time
he won’t let you up. Brock says it’s over, and he’s not sorry. For
the last 12 years, Cena has kept getting up, but now The Pain is
here. At Night of Champions, it will “be Cena’s last night in this
Universe. Game over.”
Dolph Ziggler rematches with the Miz – non-title – and that is
The best part
about this rematch is I have no idea what they do with it. Cena more
or less either has to die or steal a win. There is the possibility
of Cena getting himself DQ’d in an attempt to hurt Lesnar, but that’s
not what Cena does. It’s what I’d do in his place, but that’s why
I’m a fan and not a TV character.
Main Event main event is Rob Van Dam against Seth Rollins.
Dolph Ziggler v. The Miz.
JBL says the Intercontinental Title debuted 25 years ago today, but
unless he means the white-strap version, I doubt it began when
Warrior beat Rude to get his second
title reign. Miz, though, is not in wrestling gear. He says he
spent all day at Disneyland because he’s a movie star. He also is
allowed to have his own stunt double… and that stunt double will be
doing the match tonight. Welcome Damien Mizdow.
Dolph Ziggler v. Damien Sandow as
the Miz.

This is non-title. Cole corrects JBL, saying the title’s 35 years
old, not 25. Cole tries to correct JBL, who shouts him down and
welcomes Miz to ringside. Sandow removes the sunglasses and walks
into a dropkick for two. Sandow works the ribs of Dolph, then gets
headbutts. Suplex gets one. Miz claims he’s waiting for the right
time and not risking his mug for a non-title. Dolph with a
jawbreaker, but he runs into a forearm. Kneedrop misses, and Dolph
with clotheslines and a Stinger Splash. Sandow clips Dolph and goes
for the figure-four. Dolph reverses, and Sandow makes the ropes.
Zig Zag quickly ends it at 2:20. Miz: “He’s fired.” He gives
Dolph sarcastic applause. No one cares. 1/4*

Lawler will host a family reconciliation next!
since I have nothing to say about this, I’ll add: does the fact that
Jeff Hardy is being given a Beyond the Ring on the WWE Network on
Wednesday mean he wants to come back after his TNA contract expires?
And would you, the Doomers, want him back? The most important
question, though: if you were WWE, would you take him back?
first, a look back at SummerSlam and Nikki’s heel turn.
Lawler says the Nikki heel turn was “one of the most shocking
moments at SummerSlam”. He says he thinks it was a bad decision
and was willing to claim heat of the moment, but the next night Nikki
made it clear she did it on purpose. Especially when she slapped
Brie. Well, no one likes a family divided, so let’s have some family
mediation. Nikki won rights to the music in the split. HASHTAG!
Nikki moves her chair as far away from Brie’s as possible. Lawler
wants to work things out and… okay, both sisters get the music.
Brie allows Nikki to have it as they squabble. But that’s not why
we’re here; we’re here because Brie TRUSTED Nikki, dammit! Brie may
love her friends and love Daniel, but they’ve literally been together
since before birth. Brie knows Nikki has hurt feelings and knows
why. Brie had no idea what would happen. But hey, if Nikki feels
betrayed, Brie will apologize. Forget the company, the show,
everything… this is real. THEY USED THEIR FULL NAMES SO IT MUST BE
REAL! She’s sorry!
calls the whole thing a load of crap. Of course, she’s selfish and
materialistic as opposed to Brie being innocent. But that’s not the
story – well, the fans may buy it, but not her. She knows the real
Brie. Brie always wanted the spotlight and always wanted to be loved
more. Brie tries to say it wasn’t about her, but Nikki ain’t buying
it. Nikki tells Brie to stop being an angel and stop holding her
back. Nikki is done with everything – Brie, the family, the guys
in the audience’s twin fantasy, but ESPECIALLY Brie’s idyllic
lifestyle. She’s even over Bryan – and THAT gets Brie’s attention.
Bottom line, Nikki is sick of being second fiddle. Mrs. Daniel
Bryan is everyone’s favorite… but get this: Brie steals all Nikki’s
boyfriends, got Nikki in trouble for what Brie did, and abandoned
Nikki. Nikki was in every handicap match, forced to demeaning stuff,
while Brie sat at home and watched. Brie wanted to trend on Twitter!
Nikki won’t give Brie a break, and calls Brie a sad excuse. Brie is
near tears. Nikki encourages Brie to cry. “Hey everyone, look at
the real Brie Mode!”
tries to get Nikki to stop, so Nikki tells Lawler to get out. Lawler
does so as Brie is having a meltdown. Nikki has no sister – she
wishes Brie died in the womb. And then she dumps over Brie’s chair
and begins beating her up. Lawler returns to break it up, since Brie
isn’t defending herself. So Nikki slaps Lawler (Off-camera) and
keeps assaulting Brie, who keeps not fighting back. Brie is dead to
Nikki as referees try to drag Nikki away. The announcers point out
Brie was too upset to fight back as Nikki walks off.
because it wasn’t awkward enough live, here’s some replays! Cole is
mystified. JBL wonders how Brie never saw it coming. The crowd is
so overwhelmed by this story they chant for Lawler.
switch back to the Hall of Fame Forum. Cena is ready to beat Brock
down! And he’ll show it against Bray Wyatt tonight! But up next:
Roman Reigns faces Rollins and Kane 1-on-2!
just… felt… awkward. It wasn’t even good heel heat. It was
just… I wanted the segment to end. It’s not fun. It’s not good
TV. How do you pay this off when it’s clear one side won’t attack
the other? Sure, you work it up to the point that they will, but
right now – that’ll feel like too little too late. Especially when
the crowd doesn’t care about Brie after the loss to Stephanie. In
all honesty, when Nikki said she wanted Brie to have never been born,
that should’ve been the tipping point. Oh well.
Roman Reigns v. Corporate Kane
and Seth Rollins.

Cole recaps the eulogy from earlier. Kane will start. Reigns
punches away and clotheslines him out, then throws Rollins into the
ring. Rollins runs into a headbutt, then kicks away in the corner,
but Kane recovers and takes over. Kane sends Reigns into the
turnbuckle, then tags in Rollins. He stomps away, then gets two
Stinger Splashes. Kane back in, but he whips Rollins into the HSB.
Reigns takes over on Kane, pounding away in the corner and getting
clotheslines and uppercuts. He drapes Kane over the bottom rope,
then stops Rollins by sending him into the barricade and apron,
followed by an apron suplex. Drive-By dropkick on Kane (who almost
forgot it was coming and had to get back in position). Superpunch is
interrupted by a goozle, but Reigns with the Spear. Rollins with the
briefcase for the DQ at 2:37, and he keeps up the attack. Rollins
dumps Reigns and stands tall. He encourages Kane to finish Reigns
before sending Roman into the barricade on the outside. Rollins and
Kane double-team Reigns on the outside before Kane sees the table
from last week – which once again has cinderblocks underneath.
They set Roman up as Rollins gets on the table for the Cinderstomp,
but this time, Reigns fights out and intercepts Rollins. He disposes
of Kane and Superpunches Rollins. Kane’s back, but he’s sent into
the post. Reigns tosses Kane into the timekeeper’s area, then picks
up a cinderblock and stalks Rollins. Rollins sees it and goes pale,
begging off. Thankfully, Reigns’s toss of the block hits the post
and not Rollins, who bails out and races away. So Reigns gives Kane
the Superpunch for good measure. Match doesn’t matter, since it was
all here for the post-match attack. Oh, hey, look, Rollins forgot
his brief… never mind, here’s a replay. When we come back, Rollins
has the briefcase. CALLING BOTCHAMANIA!
starts to talk about what’s next but gets interrupted by JBL being
angry at Reigns. After he and Lawler argue, Cole is back to
promoting the Network. (9.99!)
now, Bray Wyatt has something to say with his Family. Bray knows
Cena is a shell of a fake man, and now, thanks to Brock Lesnar, he’s
cracked. Cena’s a wounded animal in the woods, and Bray won’t let
Cena suffer and spread his disease. Bray is a merciful man, and he
will provide the killing blow to Cena that he needs. But don’t worry
– it’s nicer on the other side. Run.
has been in fine form the last two weeks. Someone needs to slap him.
feature match on SmackDown is another round in the Show/Henry v.
Rowan/Harper rivalry.
Los Matadores v. SlaterGator (in
the ring).
and Titus argue over which superhero they are. Each one claiming the
other is the civilian. Heath and Primo start. Primo runs over Heath
repeatedly, then gets a springboard crossbody. Epico in, and they
get a suplex and tope atomico combo for two. Slater fights back,
getting a shoulderblock (OLE) before Epico gets a rana (OLE) and
armdrag into an armbar (OLE). Primo in with a dropkick. Primo chops
away, but Titus distracts him and Heat with a leg lariat for two.
Titus tags in on Primo, getting two backbreakers. Heath refuses a
tag until he imitates Titus’s Gator taunt, so Titus forces him in.
Heath stops a hot tag and pounds away. Primo elbows out of a
chinlock and gets a sunset flip for two. Running clothesline by
Slater, and Titus tags himself in. Stinger Splash by Titus, but
Primo fights back only to be caught and rammed into the top corner.
Huge chop to Primo, and Slater is tagged in. They try a double team,
but Primo gets a crucifix for the pin at 4:00. THE STREAK IS OVER!
Heels argue about whose fault it is.
of Fame Forum Hall of Fame Forum Hall of Fame Forum…
John Cena against Bray Wyatt!
are you turning Heath Slater face? Eh, I’ve seen worse ideas.
Kofi Kingston (in the ring) v. Bo

JBL calls Bo bigger than Disneyland. With a straight face. Kofi is
not impressed. Bo offers a handshake, but Kofi slaps it away and
gets a dropkick. Kofi kicks away, getting a crossbody for one.
Stinger Splash by Kofi, but Dallas recovers with a knee to the gut.
Punches to the gut follow, but Kofi with a springboard dropkick.
Kofi with the ten-punch countalong and uppercut. Blind charge by
Dallas misses, but he hangs Kofi on the top rope on a springboard try
and gets the Bo-Dog for the pin at 1:40. Bo gets his victory lap in
to remind us why he’s awesome. Bo then says Kofi is nothing like
Jack Swagger because he only let himself
whereas Swagger let America down. But they can both Bo Lieve!
Swagger’s heard enough of this and gets the high belly-to-belly on
Dallas before walking off with his music. Now that’s how you do a
next, our main event! Cena vs. Wyatt!
I like both guys, so seeing them in a good long match to get them
both over would be nice. I don’t even know who you have win. Dallas
is the bigger future, but he doesn’t need wins and losses to get
heat. Tough call there.
week: The Highight Reel with guest Randy Orton!
Main event: John Cena v. Bray

Bray materializes in the ring with his Family at ringside. HASHTAG!
Cena charges Wyatt and pounds away, but the ref gets in between and
Bray takes over. Cena is back with a clothesline, and he waits for
Bray to rise while yelling at Bray to stay down. Cena then catches
Bray and gives him a German suplex as Bray seems shell-shocked. Cena
again yells at Bray to stay down. Bray’s up, and it’s a backdrop
suplex from Cena. Cole makes the big story here: Cena’s sick of
hearing people say he’s done, and the Hall of Fame Forum was the last
straw. Cena pulls Bray up and gives him a vertical suplex. He
covers, getting one. Cena boxes away at Bray, stomping him down in
the corner. Running knee to Bray as the ref orders a separation.
Cena puls Bray up and delivers another German suplex. That’s four
suplexes. Cena is ready and charges, flooring Bray with a lariat and
saluting at Harper and Rowan. He picks Bray up, but Bray fights out
and gets an avalanche. Cena bulrushes Bray down, and the Family
enters at 4:19. Big Show and Mark Henry race in to even the odds and
prepping to say HOLLA and take a drink. It’s only 10:53.
John Cena, Big Show, and Mark
Henry v. Wyatt Family.
in progress. HOLLA! (takes drink) Show attacks Rowan with a slam
and elbowdrop. Rowan eats turnbuckle and gets boxed down, then it’s
the CHOP OF DOOM. Crowd wants another, and Rowan gets it. Henry in,
and it’s a whip-into avalanche by Henry. He headbutts Rowan down,
but a blind charge misses and Rowan knocks him down for two. Bray
in, and he pounds away on Henry with axhandles and right hands.
Harper in, and he walks over Henry before dropping an elbow and
getting the chinlock. Crowd gets behind Henry (I think – is
chanting “Sexual Chocolate” a positive?) as Henry powers his way
up only to get a knee in the face. Rowan in with a slam on Henry,
and Harper returns with a running elbow. A second one lands, but a
third runs into a big kick. Hot tag Show, who runs over Harper
repeatedly only to run into a dropkick. Rowan in now, and a big boot
floors Show. Bray tags in, getting kicks to the head and a running
half senton for two. Rowan in with a kneedrop as the crowd knows
what’s next and wants Cena. Rowan pounds away on Show until Harper
refocuses him and they get the T&A superkick for two. Bray
returns, getting a running kick and right hand. He piefaces Big
Show, which is stupid because Show gets the chokeslam. Hot tag #2 to
Cena, and everyone goes flying. German suplex to Harper (five) and
Rowan (six), then a headlock takedown and he pounds Harper down. STF
to Harper… and that’s the tapout at 6:43 shown! Rowan gets an AA
for good measure. *3/4
total. Show and Henry catch Bray running away and bring him back for
an AA. Show wants Cena to be the man, so Cena picks Harper up… and
he gets an AA as well. So, yeah, I think he’s ready for a rematch.
the beating Brock gave Cena was that bad that they needed to rebuild
him, fine. The six-man tag was what they had to do from the start,
though. If you ignore Cena/Bray – and good luck doing that – the
story was good: the two giants were beaten down until they could get
the buzzsaw in. But throw it in, and the Wyatts don’t exactly look
too strong, do they?
Rusev did his part as Swagger moves on to Bo Dallas. He looks like a
monster thanks to Swagger, getting people to hate him in a way Big E
and R-Truth couldn’t get Rusev hated. The AJ/Paige thing may or may
not include Natalya, as they seem to be hedging on that one. Nikki’s
verbal and physical assault on Brie was just awkward, in that the
line beyond which Brie should’ve fought back was crossed hard.
(Also, Nikki isn’t even half the actor Owen was.)
TIME: 48:14 over ten matches
MATCH: Rusev/Swagger
MATCH: Dolph/Sandow
MVP: John Cena
SCORE: Meh, 4/10. This was a necessary show, nothing more.
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reviewing Impact and Smackdown, but we give him NXT to make it
better. Scott Keith runs the mailbag. Logan Scisco will review
SummerSlam 1998. Brian Bayless has the e-fed duties. Darren X
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