Monday Night Raw More “REAL” with Brock

Hey Scott,

Long time reader, first time emailer…..

In Andy's latest Raw Review, another poster made a comment about how different the shows feel when Brock Lesnar shows up.  Rather than the "Raw Variety Show" it actually feels like a real wrestling program (at least at the top of the card).  I argued the way Brock comes off, he makes you believe he's going to whip somebody's ass, he has a real cockiness about him and the ability to back it up.  Is this something that's unique to only him, or is it an approach that the WWE should try to have throughout the rest of the card?  (Not saying the ENTIRE show should be like this/him, but more of it should).  Thanks!

​There is truly only one Brock Lesnar, which is as it should be.  It makes Brock all the more effective when he's out there doing his super-intense 300-pound gorilla act amidst all the wannabe comedians and midcard geeks, because it's DIFFERENT.  Just like Brock was the pro wrestler among super-serious UFC fighters and that turned him into a star, now he's the super-serious UFC fighter among pro wrestlers.  You can't script someone stranger than Brock and his reclusive lifestyle, so even trying to do so would be a waste of time.  ​