Your take on WWE Network show concepts

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So I just watched the first episode of The Monday Night War on the Network, and I gotta say it was pretty good, as reported. A little spin work, as expected, but mostly it was a nice in-depth look at the very start of the war leading into the nWo forming. THIS is the type of show they need more of to really hook viewers…they need to use their library to make new shows out of rather than just copy reality TV s--- and pretend that wrestling can be squeezed into any format. They should have an Attitude Era show, and while they should show the Nitros in their entirety like the RAWs, they need to have a Best of WCW Saturday Night or a Best of the WWE: 80's & 90's type show to show some of the forgotten TV stuff that up until now only made it onto their DVD sets.

Would those concepts work you think? You got a better idea, tough guy???
​The video vault is such a gigantic waste of time right now and it could be awesome.  They could be showing all those YouTube shows on the Network, edited into a half-hour "Best of" show, for example.  Apparently the reason is that the people running the Network are not wrestling fans.  Wrap your head around that:  The people in charge of programming a 24 hour over-the-top wrestling network do not watch wrestling.  So don't set your sights too high for newer and better content is what the message seems to be.  ​