Analyzing the upcoming Lesnar/Cena double turn at Night of Champions

Here’s that meltdown that I’ve been promising y’all!

In 2014, WWE has been all about turning conventional wisdom on its ear.  The WWE Network has fundamentally changed the company’s business model.  The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania Streak is over.  John Cena was destroyed in a manner never before seen.  And the WWE World Title is now in the hands of a part-timer, who it seems is destined to defend the title only two or three times in the seven plus months interim until Wrestlemania.

Unless, of course, the WWE turns one more piece of conventional wisdom on its ear.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m calling my shot.  At Night of Champions, John Cena will regain the WWE World Championship by becoming a Paul Heyman Guy.

In other words, John Cena will finally become a heel.  He and Paul Heyman will do whatever is necessary to take Brock Lesnar’s title and destroy him afterwards, keeping Lesnar out of the WWE until his surprise return at the Royal Rumble to finish up his contract strong.

There are so many signs pointing to this that, were it not for the past decade of experience, you would all say that it was inevitable:

  • Brock Lesnar has only three or four more wrestling dates left on his contract.  Night of Champions was obviously not part of the original plan.  With WWE in cost-cutting mode, it is difficult to imagine that Vince is offering him another seven digits to wrestle this one show.
  • John Cena promised “to show a side of himself that he’s not proud of” at Summerslam.  Lesnar’s assault was so merciless that he never got the chance.  It stands to reason that his character would be even more desperate at this juncture.
  • Last Monday night on RAW, Paul Heyman lavished John Cena with praise, and said that he wants to make him a Paul Heyman guy.
  • If Brock Lesnar retains at NoC, there is no compelling use for him to until Wrestlemania, possibly not even then if Daniel Bryan is unable to return.
  • If Brock Lesnar loses the title cleanly to Cena at NoC, there is compelling use for him period.
  • A John Cena heel turn is the last huge trump card available to WWE, and if WWE loses a large clump of original six month subscribers, this may be the only way to get them back. 

On September 20th, there is no way that the IWC’s wet dream does not come true.  Paul Heyman will walk to the ring with Brock Lesnar, and he will walk away from the ring with his newest guy, John Cena.

I guarantee it.