QOTD #59: The Ice Bucket Challenge

Today’s Question: With all of the craziness that has occurred surrounding the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, whose video has been the funniest thus far? (Feel free to provide links)

Yesterday’s Question(s):

With the news coming forth (today) that Spike TV has reached an agreement with TNA for the rest of 2014, if you are Dixie Carter, what do you do first to ensure the company actually makes it to 2015?

A few of the answers followed a familiar pattern…….

 “No more Dixie on tv, re-sign Bully, focus on WRESTLING. A two hour wrestling program should show more than 30 minutes of actual wrestling. Bully and Hardy are ok, but quit focusing on the other WWE castoffs. Put on more indy style matches to bring in new viewers/channel surfers.”

“The best thing Dixie Carter could do for TNA would be to quit and go completely off TV and just run the business and promotion side and stay out of all creative issues.”

“if you are Dixie Carter, what do you do first to ensure the company actually makes it to 2015?”
stop being dixie carter

It’s pretty obvious what’s killing the momentum/credibility of Dixie Carter’s promotion: Dixie Carter!

“Hire Vince Russo”

Isn’t that what almost got them kicked off the Network?

“And, apparently, sign Kwang?”

What is the deal with Kwang?????

“….Scotty Riggs”

I thought we all got sick of “The Clap” 15 years ago?????

I think the existing fans that connected with certain performers (AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels) have been turned off by the ridiculous WWE-lite booking (3-headed authority figure, show being 90% about the commissioner(s)/authority, bearded underdog emerging as champion, etc.) and they are going to need to actively reach those fans first. The 6-sided ring is a step in that direction, but now they need to get back some of that talent that can make a difference (Bully Ray, AJ, Daniels, Jay Lethal) and not bother with vets that wont (Sting, Hogan, Russo).

There are a ton of free agents with name value that might come reasonably cheap (John Morrison, Melina, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Hass). This show needs new talent, and new match-ups – badly.

I would suggest a talent exchange with ROH, which is the closest thing we’ll have to the territories

No more Dixie Carter…….and by all means, STAY AWAY FROM VINCE RUSSO!

Question #2: Like many of you, I’m a HUGE fan of the RF Video Shoot Interviews (Highspots, KayfabeCommentaries, and all the rest as well) and all the Breaking Kayfabe/Face Off series as well. My question for today is – of all of the Shoot Interviews that you’ve seen,

A favorite of everyone’s is the Hickerson-Condrey rib story (that is too sick to tell here) and the one where 2 indy wrestlers pranked Samoa Joe and barely escaped with their lives.

My favorite shoot interview road stories pretty much all came from the Bill Alfonso Shoot Interview.

This is the Barry Windham road story (not the RF shoot, but the same story he tells in that shoot) I referred to earlier.

A couple more I would recommend are Jack Victory and Gary Hart. Both of those shoots were very awesome, as were the Jim Cornette shoots – especially the 2000 shoot.