NXT – August 21, 2014

Date: August 21, 2014
Location: Full Sail
University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Renee
Young, Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton
Reviewed by Tommy Hall

The show has changed
timeslots for the first time ever and is now airing at 4pm EST on
Thursdays. Things picked up for the first time in a good while last
week with an awesome Tyler Breeze vs. Adrian Neville title match,
ruined by Tyson Kidd interfering. Sami Zayn made the save and in
theory it’s time for a big tag match. Let’s get to it.

Team Titles #1 Contenders Tournament Semi-Finals: Enzo Amore/Colin
Cassady vs. Vaudevillains
Cass throws English
around to start and nails him with a big boot to the jaw. Off to
Simon vs. Enzo with Amore nailing some fast punches to the ribs for
two. Cass throws Amore into the corner to crash into Gotch but Simon
catches Enzo’s cross body and That’s A Wrap sends the Vaudevillains
to the finals at 1:47. That was really quick.
The Legionnaires attack
Cass post match and shave half of Amore’s beard.
Here’s HHH to make an
announcement. He talks about how important NXT is to the WWE Network
and thinks it’s time for NXT to take over again. On September 11,
it’s Takeover II, airing live with all three titles on the line. In
addition, there will be a new NXT General Manager named next week.
We look back at Kidd
costing Breeze his title match last week.
Breeze is ticked off at
Tyson Kidd and says Tyson Kidd is going to find out why Prince Pretty
is more than just a pretty face.
Kidd vs. Tyler Breeze
Breeze is much more
aggressive this week and goes off on Tyson in the corner. Kidd comes
back with forearms and a hard kick to the back. A suplex into a
neckbreaker puts Tyler down and there’s a hard dropkick to the side
of the head. Breeze gets to the ropes to avoid the Sharpshooter and
bails to the floor, walking out for the countout at 1:46.
Breeze says he’s fine
with walking out because his attention is on the title match at
vs. Becky Lynch
Non-title. Becky has
no green in her attire anymore. Charlotte takes her down into a
front facelock but Becky takes her down by the leg. They stay on the
mat with Becky getting a few rollups for two each but Charlotte kicks
the redhead into the corner. Charlotte hooks the figure four neck
lock for a bit before getting two by just shoving Lynch to the mat.
Back up and Lynch nails some clotheslines but walks into a kind of
t-bone suplex. Bow Down to the Queen gets the pin at 4:10.
C-. Not much of a match here
for the most part with Lynch not looking all that comfortable on the
mat but trying her best. Charlotte continues to look good in the
ring and has a good finisher to go with the attitude. That puts her
way ahead of a lot of female wrestlers so she’s got the first major
steps down.
and Cass come out and make Star Wars references while challenging the
Legionnaires to a hair vs.
hair match. If they don’t
accept, they must be S-A-W-F-T!
look back at Bull Dempsey beating up Mojo Rawley.
Rawley vs. Steve Cutler
takes him into the corner to start and gets two off a shoulder block.
Cutler is sent into the
corner and crushed by a few splashes. Hyperdrive gets the pin for
Mojo at 1:34. This is what he should have been doing for since he
match Rawley says he’s still standing here and can take everything
Bull can throw at him.
Team Titles #1 Contenders Tournament Semi-Finals: Sami Zayn/Adam Rose
vs. Sin Cara/Kalisto
and Kalisto get things going and we’re already prancing. They trade
wristlocks until Adam tags in Sami to a very nice ovation. Sin
Cara comes in and they hit the mat with Sin grabbing a headscissors.
Cara quickly sends Sami out
to the floor and the luchadores tease dives as we go to a break.
Back with Kalisto
headlocking Rose for two. Adam
powers up and tags in Sami as things speed up. Kalisto avoids a
clothesline, lands on his fingers and crawls across the ring without
using his feet.
is rightfully freaked out and it’s off to Cara for a kick to the
chest. A hiptoss gets two
on Zayn and we hit the chinlock. Back up and Sami nails a
tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two of his own. Rose comes in again and
puts on a chinlock of his own. Kalisto gets the tag and walks into a
powerbomb for two. It’s quickly back to Cara who cleans house and
nails a Tajiri elbow for two on Rose. Everything breaks down and
Cara dives out onto Sami. Rose gets all fired up but walks into the
sitout Sliced Bread #2, followed by Cara’s Swanton Bomb for the pin
at 10:10 shown.
C. This was just a step above a
squash with the luchadores running circles around Rose and Zayn.
This is the kind of win that they need to establish themselves as a
big tag team. Sami not taking the pin was a good idea and he didn’t
look horrible throughout the match. Nothing all that interesting but
it sets up a good match in the finals.
C+. I’m not wild on the
matches ending so fast but they kept this show moving. A lot of
stuff has been set up for the coming weeks and we finally have
something to build to at Takeover II. The three title matches and
presumably a hair vs. hair match should make for a good card with a
few other surprises through in. Good but not great show this week.
Vaudevillains b. Colin
Cassady/Enzo Amore – That’s A Wrap to Amore
Tyson Kidd b. Tyler
Breeze via countout
Charlotte b. Becky
Lynch – Bow Down to the Queen
Mojo Rawley b. Steve
Cutler – Hyperdrive
Sin Cara/Kalisto b.
Sami Zayn/Adam Rose – Swanton Bomb to Rose
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