Question about theme music


What happened to theme songs? The WWE used to have amazing theme music that really personified their wrestlers. When I think of guys like Rougeous, Bam Bam, Razor, Demolition, Dusty, etc. So many had theme songs that really gave them a more-rounded character. Like with seemingly everything else nowadays, a lot of the theme songs are so generic. Some are good–AJ's comes to mind off the top of my head–but I can't think of too many.  Does the WWE still have that Jim Johnston guy? I remember in Beyond the Mat him explaining how he does people's themes and it made me understand why the themes were so good.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

​No, sadly Jim Johnston left that position a while back.  They've mostly just been relying on outsourced cock rock that they can get good deals on because it's probably cheaper than paying Johnston royalties.  Jimmy Hart was also great at theme songs and they could probably utilize him more if they wanted, but ​again they choose not to.  That's why you get generic crap like Zack Ryder's theme or Miz's, where they have nothing to do with the person and just has their catchphrase staple-gunned to the beginning.