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Who Does Hulk Hogan Want to Wrestle Against?

Hogan, who states that he wants to return to the ring, has been reported to want to face either John Cena or Steve Austin as his opponent.

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RAW Segment Added at the Last Minute

The confrontation between Mark Henry and Rusev was a last-minute addition to the show and not originally planned. Reportedly, there were a lot more re-writes than usual for this past Monday’s show.

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RAW Rating

This past Monday’s RAW dropped 3% in viewership, with a significant drop in the final hour. Here is the breakdown:

8pm: 4.28 million viewers
9pm: 4.33 million viewers
10pm: 3.97 million viewers

WWE Network to Debut “Monday Night Wars” Show Friday Night

The show will debut after Smackdown Friday night. This was revealed during last night’s Smackdown tapings.