Tanahashi vs. The Kid (8/17/14)

From Summerslam Sunday, 8/17/14. Having just turned 19 years old a couple months ago, Konosuke Takeshita should be at the top of the board in everyone’s War Room on Draft Day. After tearing the house down in his debut match against a guy named El Generico in 2012, it was pretty clear the kid has all the gifts. When this match was signed a couple months ago, those in the know couldn’t fathom that everything fell into place for this once-in-a-lifetime match-up. Hiroshi Tanahashi, modern day God of Japanese wrestling, the man credited with tripling business profits during his reign at the top, was headed to DDT Wrestling for their biggest show of the year to see how good this teenage prodigy really is. With Tanahashi pushing the big 4-0, this is pretty much the closest thing we’ll ever get to these two both being in their prime at the same time.

If you’ve never seen this kid, you won’t believe that he’s still in his teens, having just graduated high school. An absolute can’t-miss future star for years to come.

Konosuke Takeshita Vs Hiroshi Tanahashi (DDT)