Questions post-SummerSlam

Hi Scott,

A few questions I'd be keen to hear your answers on, and those of the BoD in general too:

1) Brock – do you think he was booked too strong at SummerSlam? Overall, I think it was great booking and a really unique direction for WWE to go with the main event, but on reflection, he just destroyed the guy who's been on top for 10 years and still in his prime – realistically, how do any other challengers stand a chance? I do think this would have been almost perfect if Bryan had been in Cena's place (seeing as Bryan's run on top was just beginning).

2) WrestleMania XXXI – if you had to guess, right now, what do you think the WWE Championship match will be?

3) JBL – can we pin all the blame on his annoying commentary on Vince? He seems to have mellowed a bit lately, but on Raw this week he was truly awful (completely ruining both the Swagger/Cesaro and Usos/Stardust & Goldust matches in my opinion). 

Thanks in advance!

​1.  I'd rather some guys get built up TOO strong because you can always use them to make other guys, but if you have a bunch of 50/50 dorks then no one draws money.  Building up one guy and making people wonder "How can anyone possibly beat him?" is how you draw money.  If you want to draw REALLY big money, you build up another guy who seemingly can't lose and then — follow along with me here — you match them up against each other and make people pay money to see which one loses.  Which is why I'd say…
2.  Brock v. Roman Reigns is the best direction to go if they can avoid fucking up Reigns' push until Wrestlemania. 
3.  I didn't see the show, but I would assume that "Because Vince McMahon" is always a good bet for stuff like that.  JBL is much better on Smackdown, I find.  ​