QOTD #56: The (looong) Road to Wrestlemania

Today’s Question: I’ll piggyback from a comment from yesterday and ask….how would you book Brock Lesnar (and the WWF World title) from now until Wrestlemania?

Yesterday’s Question: I’ll keep it short and sweet…..What would you say is the high point, and what is the low point from the Summer Slam 2014 PPV Special Event?

Going back to Friday, watching the SNMEs on the Network was the inspiration for the Opening Credits question last week…..the “Obsession” theme was one of my favorites, but eventually they switched music (the 2nd theme was almost as good)….anybody who knows the name of that one feel free to comment with the answer

Anyway, other than SNME, mine is a toss-up between the old World Class house show that played in local markets (KTVT 11 Championship Sports – NOT the World Class syndicated show)

And the old Mid-South theme

As for yesterday, obviously, everyone thinks (as I do) that Lesnar demolishing Cena is a step in the right direction. A small sample of the comments….

Devin Harris: “High point: Brock’s zombie situp. Brock tries to play the “too cool for
school” deal but this guy cares about his ring work. The little details
he adds to his character shows he is a guy isn’t just about collecting

Jared Bellow: “High point: Lesnar destroying Cena to leave him lying in a heap.”

Mike Mears: “High point- obviously the Lesnar/Cena slaughter. I don’t even know how
to classify that match in terms of how good it was because it was so far
outside the norm for a main event match. Not just by today’s “WWE main
event style” standards. ….”

cabspaintedyellow:”High point: Cena having only signed up for the Six Suplex Commitment, but forgetting to turn off Auto-Renewal.”

As  for the low point, the Bellas angle left a pretty big stink on the show……personally, I’ve always hated when real-life siblings turn on each other. a) Its overdone, and b) We know its a work, but what person would beat up their twin and side with Stephanie? It’s kind of like Bill Watts said a while back….just because there were no Indians really killed in the movies doesn’t mean we want to see John Wayne ride off into the sunset with his arm around them either…anyways, tangent over. See you tomorrow with a new post.