Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

I’m typing this one up early since I need to drive to the Orlando airport to pick up some luggage for my in-laws that are stranded in California. I am a great wife, yes I am. God I hate Orlando. It’s like Lebanon in the 80s.

Another Summerslam is in the books. Really liked the first half of the show, reminded me a lot of the old Summerslam from back in the day as nothing was too offensive and everything had an element of fun. The second half was rough to get through.

— Ziggler-Miz was a good effort by Ziggler and thankfully Miz stayed in his lane. Maybe they will give Ziggler a nice run as I-C champion but seriously who are we kidding. He’ll be jobbing to Orton in a week or two.

— Paige-A.J. was fine. What A.J. lacks in the technical aspects of the craft she makes up for in her mannerisms and intensity. Sometimes pulling a bitch’s hair out is the best route to take. Paige is pretty solid and assuming they bring up Charlotte soon maybe there’s some hope for that division at all.

— Rusev-Swagger turned into quite a good power match and a good story with both guys fighting through injury and Swagger refusing to give up but Rusev looking like a beast. Tough booking there because if Swagger wins I think the crowd is jacked for the rest of the night and him not winning took a lot of steam from the people. This program has been more successful than I think most people expected so maybe it wasn’t time to pull the plug but where do you go from here?

— The Lumberjack match is pretty polarizing but I loved it for the most part because they took chances and the story of a roster of guys failing to control one man’s hatred for another was pretty good. I hate Kane, I hate his involvement. I wish he’d go far far away. I know he’s going to mess this up for everyone in the future. Please do a movie. Do two movies. Go on a cruise. Go to TNA. Take a vacation. A long one. The finish means we’ll get another match with another stipulation. Hopefully it’ll be no DQ or falls count anywhere or something crazy.

— Jericho and Bray really tried to go somewhere and I appreciate the effort. You could tell the old man was trying to get this guy over but the match and the whole program never connected with me. Bray still has plenty of potential but he needs to get to the next step of his character development.

— Brie-Steph is sort of the microcosm of what’s wrong with this promotion. Brie had pretty much been on the receiving end most weeks and in the match Steph looks dominant, her sister turns on her and the Authority leaves her laying. That’s poor booking. I don’t care if Brie’s a s--- worker, she needs to go over there. If they HAVE to have the turn and go through with the sister feud that no one wants to see make it happen at RAW the next night.

— I’m not going to get in the Reigns-Orton stuff much. I know the IWC has turned on him for whatever reason but if the crowd loses this guy it’s the fault of the WWE. How do you book a guy your high on in a match where he gets whipped, gets limited offense and no opportunities for crowd-popping spots and then it’s sold as a fluke pin because it was a f------ fluke pin. This sucked for a ton of reasons. They’ve totally f----- up Reigns and failed to protect him when they really needed to. Last night I blamed Orton but in reality Orton just goes with the plan so whoever put together that match really screwed the pooch.

— Main event was fine. Bayless (I think) correctly pointed out the minor difference in the story of the two matches as this time Brock tried to win instead of just trying to kill Cena whereas last time his thirst for delivering pain got the best of him. Now Frankenstein is the champion and we go back to an era where seeing the champ wrestle becomes a big deal because he’s likely never going to work a match on “free TV”.

TV tonight:


Monday Night Football (Browns vs. Redskins)

Lots of Little League World Series Baseball

Doctor Who Marathon on BBC America

Pamela Smart Documentary on HBO is definitely going to get a watch from me. Look up that story sometime!

Tough competition for RAW with Johnny Football on ESPN tonight but whatever you watch remember to come out swinging and keep it clean!