Lapsed fan with a few questions

Hey Scott,

been reading you since the Netcop days, even when I gave up on watching wrestling I would still read your stuff just to stay loosely aware of the product. anyway, I came back to the WWE around Wrestlemania this year and after being away from the product for over 10 years I have a few questions i was hoping you could answer for me.

1. Why are there 2 Championship belts? 

2. Did the Prototype really just spend the last decade carrying the WWE?

3. Is this the worst group of commentators WWE has ever had? How is it possible that Steve Austin is gone, Mick Foley is gone, the Rock is gone but JBL and Jerry Lawler are still around?

4. What happened to Earl Hebner? 

one last thought: this is truly a great time to be a casual fan. between the WWE Network, YOUR blog and a million wrestlers and former wrestlers doing podcasts you can now more or less ignore Raw and Smackdown and just watch the PPV's. 

Keep up the good work,


​1. They split the roster into RAW and Smackdown in 2002, and naturally wanted a World title for both sides.  Then finally this past year they were unified when Randy Orton beat John Cena, and they've been carting both belts around ever since.  
2.  That is correct, yes.
3.  No way man, the Michael Cole/Tazz/Matt Striker era was by far the worst.  At least JBL and Lawler know what they're talking about.
4.  He was selling bootleg merchandise out of the trunk of his car along with his brother Dave and got caught.  True story.  They've been working for TNA ever since.  
And yes, I do love the WWE Network.  ​